Old pictures of Bianca Censori in a bikini have been uncovered. Wondering what Bianca dressed and looked like before Kanye West? Photos of the Yeezy employee show her before and after Venice…

In the last month, Kanye West and Bianca Censori have hit headlines for their eye-catching outfits. Most recently, they were spotted on a boat in Venice, where Ye had his bum on show. However, looking back at photos of his wife in 2021 are proof that Kanye West has zero influence on his new wife.

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Bianca Censori’s bikini pics

Photos of Bianca Censori before marrying Kanye West are still on Instagram. She posed for the clothing brand, Sasha Label, back in 2021 wearing a range of bikinis while sitting on the grass.

There is also a shot of her standing with what appears to be seaweed around her neck in another photo. Her chest is exposed while wearing the Sasha Label black bikini bottoms.

She was a model before Kanye

Bianca moved to the United States to study acting and began her career as a model. She is the former head of architecture at Yeezy and met Kanye before she got the job.

She has also been spotted modeling a new Yeezy fashion line several times! Fans think the 28-year-old model and former Yeezy employee has undergone an image overhaul, with much shorter hair.

Venice outfits cause a stir

Bianca Censori was tagged in the caption of the below photo, where she kneels in the water wearing just bikini bottoms. This was two years before she got spiritually married to Kanye.

More recently, her nude-colored swimsuit and exposing crop tops are causing chaos in Venice, Italy. However, several fans have said Kanye is influencing her to dress in revealing outfits.

The latest photos showed Bianca wearing a khaki trench coat while stepping off a boat with Kanye. A video showed the rapper with his pants off and her leaning at his waist level.

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