Could Billie Eilish be a Barb? The Grammy-winning singer has dug up an iconic Nicki Minaj quote leaving fans questioning whether she’s a fan of the rapper.

At just 21 years old, Billie Eilish has established herself as one of the most successful working artists of the era. With seven Grammy wins under her belt and as the youngest solo artist to headline Glastonbury, it’s no surprise that Billie is celebrated by her music industry peers.

But Billie gives flowers where flowers are due, and most recently, she spotlighted an iconic moment at a Nicki Minaj concert.

Billie Eilish Performs At The Grammy Museum
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Billie Eilish digs up iconic Nicki Minaj crowd interaction about ‘the girls’

Just before midnight on Wednesday, May 31, Billie Eilish reposted an Instagram Reel from a Nicki Minaj fan account.

The short clip sees the rapper performing for a crowd, rocking one of her signature green hairstyles. Queen Nicki can be heard slamming the number of cameras blocking her from accessing the audience. “It shouldn’t be 50 cameras here because I can’t even touch the girls,” Nicki says to her fans who give off a big cheer.

“I can’t sign boobs, I can’t kiss the girls, I don’t like that,” Nicki continues as the cheers get louder.

Nicki ‘used to be bi now just hetero’

Billie Eilish reposted this clip to her Instagram Stories with no comment added which stumped some of her 109 million followers. Billie has been vocal about not wanting to disclose anything about her sexuality. But like any celebrity in the limelight, these subjects eventually come forth. This was the case for Billie two years ago when the singer was accused of “queer-baiting” in her video for Lost Cause and her “I love girls” Instagram post.

Nicki Minaj infamously backtracked on previous remarks made about her sexuality. When the Anaconda hitmaker was rising to fame, she labelled herself as queer and said she was bisexual. But speaking to Rolling Stone in 2010, Nicki revealed that she made such false admissions for “attention.”

“I think girls are sexy,” Nicki said in the interview. “But I’m not going to lie and say that I date girls.”

This was reiterated in Nicki’s featured verse on Doja Cat’s Say So (Remix). Nicki spits the following bar: “Tell Mke Jordan send me my retros, used to be bi now I’m just hetero.”

Billie Eilish calls Nicki Minaj ‘fine as hell’

While Billie Eilish has kept her sexuality out of the spotlight and Nicki Minaj has given conflicting revelations, both are vocal in celebrating women. Not just their fans but other artists, notably, each other.

At Billboard Women In Music 2019, where Billie won Woman Of The Year, the young singer took the platform to celebrate Nicki Minaj. “Nicki’s speech was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard,” Billie said. “She looks fine as hell too, as always.” Safe to say Billie could well be one of the Barbz.

Nicki equally praised Billie in an interview with Joe Budden. “She’s successful. She’s beautiful. She got everybody wearing a certain hairstyle,” Nicki said. “I know I love her. When she does do these [magazine] covers, they’re beautiful.”

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