Blac Chyna and Nicki Minaj aren’t exactly two celebrities you’d imagine being the best of friends, but surprisingly enough, these girls have been close pals for well over a decade now. The pair started hanging out as friends not long after Chyna appeared in one of Nicki’s music videos as her stunt double.

While this has been common knowledge to a lot of avid Nicki fans, many people didn’t realise that Blac was her double in the infamous music video.

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Blac China was Nicki’s stunt double

Chyna appeared in Nicki’s 2010 hit, Monster, featuring Kanye West. The mother of two featured in multiple scenes of the dark video as the pair do look similar.

Blac can be spotted wearing Nicki’s iconic blonde wig in multiple scenes where the pair are strapped and restrained to a chair.

Chyna being the queen of rap’s stunt double is common knowledge to many people. However, others have been living life oblivious to the fact. A post on Twitter showing Chyna as her double received multiple comments. One person said, “I swear everyone knew this?”

Another chimed in saying, “Surely you must have been living under a rock if you didn’t know this?”

However, most of the comments were people in shock. One person said, “HOW HAVE I GONE MY WHOLE LIFE NOT KNOWING THIS?!”

Another had a similar response, saying, “omg stop. I’m slightly embarrassed that I didn’t know this.”

Blac and Nicki have been friends for years

According to, the girls have been close pals for well over a decade now, especially since her feature in the music video. Chyna started spending a lot of time with the rapper and her circle of friends.

We should also mention that, when they first met, Chyna was already dating Tyga. Tyga was close friends with Minaj as they were signed to the same record label at the time, (Young Money / Cash Money Records.)

Considering this, many people assume that Tyga may have introduced Chyna and Minaj, and they’ve been cool ever since.

The girls frequently comment on each other’s Instagram posts and Minaj never ignores a chance to like Chyna’s Instagram photos and vice versa.

Blac Chyna has been in lots of Nicki’s music videos

Although Monster was Chyna’s first appearance in one of Nicki’s music videos, it definitely wasn’t her last. Since 2010, the former stripper has appeared in many of the star’s iconic videos.

Aside from the Monster video, Chyna has appeared in two other Minaj’s efforts including Come On A Cone and 2017’s Rake It Up, where the indisputable Queen of Rap gave an ode to Chyna, singing, “Brought out the pink Lamborghini just to race with Chyna / Brought the Wraith to Chyna just to race in China.”

Perhaps one of the reasons why these two tend to get along so well is the fact that they’re both ambitious women who are about their money.


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