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Blake Lively before and after the rumoured nose job she's never admitted to

Blake lively is one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood and over the years fans believe they have seen a significant change in her nose. Obviously, she is undeniably beautiful with or without the surgery but Blake is yet to confirm whether the rumours are true.

Reality Titbit did some research and has all the details on whether she has undergone surgery and what fans are saying about her so-called “new nose.” Check it out.

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Rich in Bollywood | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Rich in Bollywood | Official Trailer | Prime Video
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Has Blake Lively had a nose job?

Blake has never addressed the rumours, neither have any surgeons and they probably never will, so as for now we don’t know. However, it is likely that she has had something done to her nose.

If you look at photos of her throughout her roles in certain films her nose has seemingly changed shape. When observed from the side, her nose appears far smaller and thinner. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that the distance between her brows has shrunk too.

From her time on Gossip Girl as Serena to her part on Sisterhood, fans have spotted the minor – and ver natural – changes to her face.

Fans are convinced she has had a nose job

Again, although we don’t know for sure, it appears that Twitter has made up their mind on the topic, with fans of Blake convinced she has had something done. Some tweets include:

I love Blake so much but she has deffo had a nose job.

So what if Blake has had a nose job. It looks so subtle and natural anyway, beautiful always.

Blake is my girl but I wish she would just be honest about her surgery, so we could all feel a little better about ourselves…

Has Blake had any other surgery?

Aside from the rumoured nose job, there are other changes in Lively’s face that fans think are a result of surgery. Her cheekbones appear a lot higher and larger, however, this could just be her ageing.

There are also rumours that the actress has received a boob job in addition to the other speculations. However, this has yet to be confirmed once again. It’s known that Blake is a bit of a fashionista so it may all be down to her knowing the tricks to make them look bigger and lifted.


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