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Premiere Party For "Storage Wars" Season 4
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Brandi Passante was a cleaner in her pre- Storage Wars days

Brandi Passante is one of the icons of Storage Wars and we recognise her as one of the most successful unit buyers the show has to offer. The reality star joined the programme with her now ex-husband, Jarrod Schulz at the start of season one and has been one of the leading members ever since. 

However, not many people know of Brandi’s very different start to her career, before she rose to fame as a reality TV legend. Reality Titbit is taking a trip back to Passante’s past and we have all the info on her career before Storage Wars as well as where she is now. 

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YO! MTV Raps | Official Trailer | Paramount+

YO! MTV Raps | Official Trailer | Paramount+
Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Brandi used to be a cleaner

Before fame and fortune came about, Passante had a very different career, she started off as a cleaner working at a carpet cleaning company. This is where she met her husband – and ex-husband – Jarrod Schulz. 

At the time Passante was a cleaner for the company, and Jarrod was the sales manager. After working here for a while the couple then went on to open up their first business outlet called Now and Then in Orange County, California. 

At the same time, Jarrod also started his own mortgage company which ended up being shut down after two years. Brandi came from very humble beginnings and has worked hard to get where she is now. 

What is Brandi up to now?

Brandi is still filming for Storage Wars and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. The reality TV star is also filming for another reality show called Married To The Job

Since her divorce from Jarrod, Passante appears to be living her best life and seems happier than ever. Her posts on Instagram tell us a lot, they are mainly about Storage Wars and her personal life and not long ago she posted a very telling picture to her feed. 

The photo showed a new tattoo that she got in October that was of a bird with the word “free” underneath. The caption was very powerful and said:

I managed to escape a very difficult situation that so many people fall victim to. I will be eternally grateful for the life and freedom without fear that I get to live now.

Brandi Passante, Instagram

The star appears to be working on herself again and enjoying her newfound freedom.

Why did the couple break up?

Brandi and her ex Jarrod had a very unusual break up as their relationship was over for a long time before they announced it to the world. The couple shares two children and for some reason, they decided to pretend that they were still together for a while.

We don’t know fully why the relationship ended, however, in certain Instagram posts Brandi would #domestic violence, and it was also reported by TMZ a few times that their relationship had become physical.

In January 2020, Jarrod made his relationship with his new girlfriend, Rochel Beckham, Facebook official, showing fans that were still sceptical, that the relationship was definitely over.



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