Britney Spears described actress Michelle Pfeiffer as the “most charming, alluring and sexy woman” she has seen in a movie, posting a clip of her role in 1992 film Batman Returns. But there was one claim fans couldn’t get over.

Known worldwide as the Queen of Pop who came to fame in the ’90s, the Toxic singer claimed that Michelle has ‘no idea who I am’ and saw many eyebrows raise about whether Spears even knows how famous she is.

The post, which reached over 100K likes in less than 10 hours, has garnered thousands of comments from fans. Many are gobsmacked about how Britney thinks anyone, let alone Michelle, wouldn’t know the singer.

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Britney reveals love for Michelle Pfeiffer

Britney is a top fan of Batman Returns actress Michelle Pfeiffer for her role as Catwoman. The Queen of Pop admitted she has never met the star but revealed that she is “sick in the movie in the most conventional way possible”.

A scene from the 1992 movie was described as the “hottest scene she’s ever seen in her life” by Britney, who thanked Michelle for her craft and revealed she has “so much respect for her it’s kind of insane”.

The post was shared on July 20th and was seen by over 1 million people in just 11 hours. Even Paris Hilton agreed with the Oops… I Did It Again popstar, commenting that the scene is “iconic” in its own right.

‘She has no idea who I am’

To much fan shock, Britney claimed that she “knows she has no idea who I am”. She continued by saying: “I just want to let her know a silly girl from the South has always thought she was a freaking God.”

Although Michelle has never met nor spoken about Britney, the singer’s fans are more than convinced that the actress would most definitely know who Spears is, despite her humble assumption.

The love for the transformation scene posted by Britney has reminded her followers just how iconic the clip is. Many are also over the moon that the singer appreciates Michelle’s work, who also stars in Scarface and Dangerous Minds.

Spears’ followers are gobsmacked

It’s clear to see that the most shocking part of Britney’s tribute video to Michelle’s Catwoman transformation scene was the line which claimed the actress “has no idea who I am”. Considering her globally-known impact, many disagreed.

One comment which received over 1K likes wrote: “She knows you! You are BRITNEY!”

Several others agreed, with a fan stating: “She is humble that’s all; and I love that about her.”

“Imagine being Britney Spears and thinking that anybody on the planet would possibly not know who you are,” reacted one of Britney’s followers – a comment that garnered 1.7K likes from fellow fans.


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