Candace Owens has come for Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in a huge way, calling them some less than flattering things.

The conservative influencer’s scathing attack comes after Kim‘s ex Ray J claimed Kris had lied about her involvement in the intimate video of him and Kim that was leaked to the public in 2007.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians launched later that year, and some have claimed it was the X-rated footage that made Kim and her family famous.

Some have even gone as far as to allege momager Kris orchestrated the whole thing, although she has always denied having any involvement.

Steven Hirsch, the founder and co-chairman of adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment, has also previously spoken out about the tape, saying Kim was “very upset” when she learned of the leak.

Hirsch said in an interview that the tape was brought to him by a “third party” and that he believed the paperwork they needed was “in place” but that “that ultimately wasn’t the case”.

He claimed that after “much back and forth and lots of legal stuff going on”, Kim agreed to let him put out the tape and that his company paid her “several million dollars”.

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The family was seen discussing the tape in the first series of the show, and again in the first series of their new Hulu show The Kardashians in 2022, when the release of supposedly unseen footage was threatened.

And now, there’s even more drama concerning it…

Kris Jenner hooked up to lie detector

Kris took a lie detector test during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on September 8.

While hooked up to a polygraph machine, Kris was asked whether she helped Kim release the tape.

Kris said “no” and the test suggested she was telling the truth.

She said: “Oh, I like that. We cleared that up.”

What did Ray J say?

Ray J took to Instagram a couple of days later to hit back at Kris’ version of events.

He claimed in a 28-minute Live video he and Kim had filmed a second adult film as a back-up and alleged Kris wasn’t only aware of it, she’d been behind the decision.

Ray J also alleged Kris watched both videos and decided to go with the first one because it was “better.”

The singer also shared direct messages he alleged were sent to him by Kim as well as something he claimed was a contract regarding the original tape in a second lengthy video.

He fumed: “Y’all can’t just go out here and do a lie detector test and just lie and just smile about it.”

What did Candace Owens claim?

In an episode of her Candace Owens Show, the host called out Kris over her alleged involvement in the release of the intimate video of her daughter Kim and ex-boyfriend Ray J.

DISCLAIMER: Despite Kris’ denial, Candace repeatedly refers to Kris’ alleged involvement in the release of the tape as fact.

Candace said: “There are really no words that can adequately describe how positively disgusted I am by this story and what this signifies in terms of the world that we are in today. What this really means [is] that a mother sat down and decided to sell her daughter’s body for fame and money, and she was successful.

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“But there are two things here that we need to remember. Not only did she do it, not only should we be completely disgusted by the idea that a mother – I just had a daughter – that a mother would sit down and watch various tapes of her daughter having sex with a boyfriend out of wedlock and then say, ‘Let’s sell this tape’, ‘This is the best one,’ ‘You look the best in this tape,’ ‘This will make you the most famous.’

“Not only is that disgusting – but her plan worked.”

Reality Titbit has contacted Kris and Kim’s representatives for comment.


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