2022 has already seen its fair share of social media drama and one of the biggest topics of conversation seems to be the number of celebrity tots who are setting up their own Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. 

Cardi B is the latest to hit the limelight as she clapped back at trolls this week for commenting some pretty horrific things on her three-year-old daughters Instagram account. 

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Kulture was trolled on her Instagram account and Cardi wasn’t happy

Cardi shares her daughter with Migos star, Offset and she made her feelings very vocal this week after noticing ‘disgusting’ comments on one of her daughters Instagram pictures. 

Some of the disturbing comments were attacking the musician’s daughter and said things like “big head”, “Hi Kreature” and one even called her a “mistake child.”

Hearing these comments, Cardi wasn’t happy and aggressively responded to the comments via a Twitter post where she said, 

Haven’t been checking my daughter account but now I’m going to lock her page …I don’t know wtf is going on but I hope y’all moms die for giving birth to you hoe a** weirdos.

Cardi B Via Instagram

Despite the trolling of her daughter, the drama has sparked a bigger conversation surrounding the seemingly new trend of toddlers having their own social media accounts from an ever-younger age.

Toddlers on Instagram is becoming more popular

It’s no surprise to anyone that with the rise of social media platforms such as Tik Tok, people are setting up social accounts from a very young age. 

Aside from trolling Kulture on Instagram, other fans were genuinely concerned that Cardi was allowing her three-year-old toddler to have social media platforms already – though she isn’t controlling them herself – many people don’t agree with Cardi’s decision. 

Only a few days ago we all heard about the Kim and Kanye drama surrounding Kim allowing her eight-year-old daughter North to have a Tik Tok account despite the under 13 age restriction. 

Fans shared their outrage and worry via Twitter, with one person saying “I can’t believe she’d let her eight-year-old have a Tik Tok. Kanye is right.”

As mentioned, most social media platforms have age restrictions stopping any minors from accessing the accounts. Tik Tok has an age restriction of 13, so North West technically shouldn’t be on there. 

Kim defended herself and her daughter by saying she wanted North to have a platform to express her creativity safely, which was met with different responses.

Some fans understood what she was saying but most didn’t agree with the reality TV legend. 

Three Celebs who refuse to let their kids use social media

Though it is becoming a key part of our modern world, some celeb parents are still refusing to let their kids have social media accounts. Here are three celebs who are choosing to raise their children out of the public eye. 

Matt LeBlanc

Matt and his wife Mellisa McKnight have an adorable daughter together called Marina who is now 15. Marina is in high school now but her parents are still adamant about keeping her away from social media and Matt is trying to teach his daughter the enjoyment of a private life. 

Hugh Jackman 

Hugh Jackman has two adoptive children which he tries his hardest to keep out of the spotlight. Though his two children Oscar and Ava are 19 and 13, Hugh tries as hard as he can to encourage his children to not use social media. He purposely tries to teach his children the enjoyment of living in the moment.

Rainn Wilson

Star of The Office, Rainn Wilson has a 15-year-old son with his wife Holiday Reinhorn called Walter. Though he is at the age where his friends will all become active on social media accounts, Walter won’t be following in their footsteps as his parents refuse to let him have any social media accounts until he is older.

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