North West isn’t afraid to call the paparazzi out for constantly following her, but unfortunately, that’s the reality of being a celebrity child.

North is currently living it up at Paris Fashion Week with her mother, who just walked in Balenciaga’s Haute Couture show. Being the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, impeccable style comes naturally to her and her street looks are giving her famous mom a run for her money.

Cameras have been following North even before she was born and now at nine years old, she’s finally ready to confront the paparazzi for hounding her.

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“North is definitely Ye’s offspring”

Leaving a restaurant hand-in-hand with BFF Ryan Romulus, North bluntly questions the swarm of photographers: “Why do you have to wait for us all the time?” Naturally, fans have praised her sassy comment since it resembles her father, who famously dislikes the media heckling him.

The crowd responded with laughs, though many have found one reply particularly creepy: “Because you’re so famous! We love you, North!”

We’re sure she knows of her celebrity status by now, particularly since Kim explained it to her during Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so this occasion was more of a complaint.

It’s not the first time she’s blasted the paps: at just three years old, she shouted “no pictures!” on the way to her ballet class. She was adorable in her tutu with her soft voice, but it was probably traumatising to have grown men towering over her.

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North might shy away from the camera like her aunts

Kendall and Kylie were the first of the clan to grow up around millions of eyes, so they’ve got first-hand experience with North’s current situation.

The Jenners frequently appeared during the earlier seasons of KUWTK whilst in their early teens, allowing cameras to film their sister fights and downtime with friends. As the show progressed, however, their absence became more evident as they developed their careers, particularly when they started dating as their celebrity partners preferred to steer clear.

Even in the new Hulu series, Kendall has featured significantly less and Kylie kept her pregnancy private.

With paps chasing her whilst she was in the womb, we shouldn’t be surprised if North opts out of the reality show completely.

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Other celebrity kids who aren’t a fan of paparazzi

Reign Disick

Another Kardashian child who’s not down with the photo-ops is Reign. The youngest Disick child echoed North’s words: “no pictures” during their Italy trip for Kourtney’s wedding. That didn’t work so his patience ran out and he said: “Give us a break!”

The Beckham children

A video dating back to 2013 shows Victoria Beckham cradling Harper whilst walking into an airport, with Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz leading the way. The family are bombarded by paps and what should be a swift two minute walk, turns into five minute episode as the flash photography is too blinding for then-two-year-old Harper.

The toddler is noticeably shielding herself from the lights, and both Brooklyn and Victoria are visibly frustrated at the crowd.

Dax Shepherd’s daughter

There’s no footage to prove that Dax Shepherd’s daughter hates the cameras, but she is one kid that had no idea about fame – flocking photographers is normal, as far as she’s concerned.

Whilst on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Dax reenacted a hilarious conversation they had, explaining she had no idea her parents were the Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell.

According to the Parenthood actor, she gasped “You’re famous? Does mom know?” upon telling her about his stardom. It gets even better: despite knowing Kristen was Frozen’s Anna, she exclaimed: “Mom’s famous too?”

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