Going down memory lane, Kim Kardashian has shared another adorable photo with one of her children. This time, Chicago West has stolen the spotlight from her mom as she copies her famous pout during a sweet photo in the hot summer weather in Calabasas.

Chicago West, the third child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, hasn’t been a stranger to getting the attention of Kardashian fans. In recent months, fans have claimed the four-year-old to be a mini version of her mother.

Days before Christmas, the reality star uploaded an adorable snapshot with her daughter. She reminisced on the hot summer days in Calabasas – and her blond platinum hair.

Chicago West copies famous Kim Kardashian pout

On December 22, Kim updated her Instagam feed with a picture posing with her daughter, Chicago. In the black and white photo, the mother-daughter duo posed in a bathing suit, fresh out of the pool.

Following her mother’s steps, the four-year-old copied her signature pose as the 42-year-old showed her how to master her famous pout.

“My baby,” Kim wrote in her caption, adding a pink heart emoji. In the past month, the beauty mogul has been on a weekly strike of posting pictures with her four children – and fans loved to see them all grown up.

Earlier this week, Kardashian fans were treated with exclusive behind-the-scenes content at the annual Kardashian-Christmas gathering by posing with her children and nephews.

Fans can’t unsee the resemblance – ‘She is you’

As time goes by, Kim and Chicago look more like twins than mother and daughter. Not only are their facial expressions very similar, but their recent selfies together have left fans believing Chi is a mini version of her mother.

Any time the reality star posts a picture with her daughter, the comment section floods with messages from fans saying the same thing.

This occasion was no different.

“Chi is your twin,” a fan wrote.

A second follower said: “Lil Kim K.”

“You guys are so cute!” a third added.

Chicago West makes a rare appearance on sister’s TikTok

Her oldest sister, North West, has become a TikTok superstar. Showing off her life, shopping hauls, and time with her family, North’s daily TikTok videos have become the favorite of many.

Although Kim appears in most of her videos, her siblings have also occasionally appeared on her TikToks during get-togethers or sleepovers with other family members.

In her most recent video, the nine-year-old treated her younger sister Chicago and her friend to a spa day. The whole shebang included North pampering her to the fullest as Chicago enjoyed being well-taken care of.


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