Chrisean Rock is quite literally ‘rocking’ a fresh look in 2023 and fans can’t stop talking about her brand-new tooth. 

The Baddies South star and rapper is also known as Da Big Baby.

Chrisean, 22, styled out the gap in her smile for some time after losing her tooth.

However, it appears that the time has come for her to show off a new smile.

She poses on Instagram looking super happy showing off her baby bump, new hair, and a new tooth.

Chrisean Rock laughs open-mouthed wearing black and white top at Atlanta Black Pride Weekend Pure Heat Community Festival
Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

Chrisean lost her front tooth

After finding fame on Blue Girls Club and later Baddies South and Baddies West, Chrisean Rock is often in the media spotlight nowadays.

She is often featured in the news along with her partner, Blueface, as the two have an on-off relationship.

Chrisean is expecting her first child in 2023 and has been sharing some snaps of her growing baby bump on social media.

After Chrisean lost her tooth in a fight, her gap became her trademark style.

She fully embraced the gap, but now it seems that she’s reinventing her look.

She had a custom tooth made

Zeus Network star Chrisean has no issue in telling the world who her heart belongs to.

The 22-year-old has Blueface’s face and name tattooed all over her body.

She went as far as to have a tooth fitted with her boyfriend’s face on it in 2022.

But now it appears that she’s opted for a simple white tooth to complete her smile instead.

Chrisean Rock shows off her new tooth

On April 17, 2023 Baltimore native Chrisean took to Instagram to show off her fresh new look.

The expectant mum has ombre blue hair and the gap in her teeth ceases to exist.

Chrisean tagged the hair stylist and dentist who made her new books possible.

She had fans flooding the comments section with compliments.

Many are begging for Chrisean to keep her new tooth and others were loving her energy as she appears super happy on the ‘gram.

One wrote: “Ok sis. Healthy and pregnant stay with this energy.”

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