Coodie and Chike are so jeen-yuhs their wealth almost Touches The Sky

Coodie and Chike are so jeen-yuhs their wealth almost Touches The Sky

Coodie and Chike are the two main directors behind Kanye West’s jeen-yuhs documentary. So it’s no surprise that their fortune is seriously on the increase since its popular Netflix release.

Kanye has been a constant headline topic in recent weeks. Whether it’s for his public Instagram feud with estranged wife Kim Kardashian – who has now been declared single – his latest album Donda, or jeen-yuhs… there’s been plenty.

However, a lot of attention towards his online feuds was instead drawn to his three-part docuseries jeen-yuhs. After its release, the creativity and filmmaking was highly recognised: and it all came down to two people, Coodie and Chike.

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jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy | Act 3 Teaser | Netflix

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy | Act 3 Teaser | Netflix

Who are Coodie and Chike?

Coodie Simmons (born Clarence Simmons Jr.) and Chike Ozah are filmmakers, who worked on the jeen-yuhs documentary. Coodie is barely seen on the Netflix show, but his skills are displayed throughout.

Now the series’ principal cinematographer and narrator, Chicago-born Coodie previously worked in the comedy industry before securing a job on a local hip hop station where Kanye‘s name kept coming up.

After arranging an interview with the rapper, he ended up following Ye’s journey across the USA. New Orleans resident Chike, on the other hand, was working in design motion graphics for MTV when he met Coodie for the first time.

Chike had been learning video craft in Savannah College of Art and Design, and moved to New York where he secured the MTV job. Coodie had recently moved to the big city after feeling the need to follow Kanye’s success.

He was producing MTV’s You Heard It First, a series that featured up-and-coming artists, and was about to film an episode with Kanye. After that moment, the duo decided to collaborate and have been working together ever since.

The duo’s work on jeen-yuhs

Coodie and Chike have been there from the start, and are known for being the filmmakers to produce Kanye’s first ever music video, called Through The Wire, before going on to make other films such as 2012 movie Benji.

The pair, who directed jeen-yuhs, collected 267 hours of never-before-seen footage of Kanye behind the scenes, which meant they spent 20 years making the documentary. Coodie told Netflix Tudum:

The first parts covering everything up to The College Dropout, God wrote all that already. It was right there in the footage. But part three was definitely the most challenging, because first, me and Kanye had a separation period. During that time, I would watch Kanye like everybody else would watch him. I had no communications with him, but then God brought us back together.

While making the documentary, they realised that Kanye had a highly-driven work ethic, but realised that they also had the same amount of motivation when it comes to creating films.

The series comes after Chike made the decision years ago to quit MTV and work with Coodie, leading to the 2022-released documentary detailing Kanye’s lead-up to the rap industry.

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Their net worth after Netflix debut

Chike is currently worth $500,000, while Coodie has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Reports say the duo’s fortune is likely to be on the increase following the Netflix doc’s popularity.

Coodie has over 20 credits to his name, while Chike is also known for his filmmaking work. Their boss for the film Kanye West is worth a whopping $1.8billion, so their connection to him is only set to soar their fortunes.

Before jeen-yuhs came out, they were acknowledged at the NAACP Awards 2020, which they attended together. Depending on experience, most film directors earn between $250,000 to $2 million per project, reports NFI.



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