Craig Conover's pillow firm is going anything but South after 2018 launch
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Craig Conover's pillow firm is going anything but South after 2018 launch

Southern Charm star, Craig Conover, has done many things with his career, from a rising legal success to a reality TV star. However, it’s his more recent business as a pillow company entrepreneur that has him rolling in dough. 

His company, Sewing Down South Pillows, has become incredibly successful and he is now doing well for himself after giving up a career in law. 

Habla Loud | Official Trailer | HBO

Habla Loud | Official Trailer | HBO
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Craig makes his money through his pillow company

The reality TV star makes the majority of his income from a pillow-making business, Sewing Down South, which started in 2018.

The Charleston, South Carolina-based company has been booming ever since it launched. The business has already landed products on the sites and shelves of shops such as HSN, Wayfair, and Thomasville.

These deals can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at the very least. According to Screen Rant, Craig’s overall net worth is around one million dollars as of 2020 but shows no signs of slowing down.

His pillows are pretty pricey, however, with the average costing you upwards of $50. That being said, Conover has managed to build his brand through the Southern Charm reality TV series. 

He dreamt of being a baseball player and a lawyer 

The 31-year-old is originally from Delaware and comes from a family of athletes. According to Screen Rant, initially, this sparked Craig’s aspirations to play major league baseball, but an elbow injury shattered that dream and sent him in an entirely different direction. 

He studied law at Charleston Law School, and eventually landed a job as a law clerk at Akim Anastopoulo Law Firm. He was just at the beginning of his legal career when he landed a role on the docuseries, Southern Charm, back in 2014 and this swerved his interest more. 

According to the Cinemaholicseason one earned him about $25,000 per episode. As of season seven of 2020, Conover is raking in about $30,000 per episode from the show, which would mean $480,000 for the entire season.

The store has expanded drastically 

What started as a way to sell his pillow designs has launched into so much more. The shop also offers t-shirts, totes, hats, and yes, even masks now. In 2019, Craig told Decider that the key to the success of Sewing Down South was that:

It has a positive image of doing what you want. I think just being authentic, being myself. The real key is my two partners, Jerry and Amanda.

These two ladies have helped Craig grow his business from his home sewing machine to a much larger production facility in South Carolina. They have also enabled the company to launch pillow parties that gave viewers all over the country the opportunity to meet with Craig and purchase their favourite pillow designs.

According to Decider, the company often donates portions of its proceeds to important causes. So while you might have a pretty pillow in your home, you also helped a cause close to Craig’s heart.



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