Crystal Kung Minkoff's RHOBH birthday party is less mysterious than her real age
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Crystal Kung Minkoff's RHOBH birthday party is less mysterious than her real age

Crystal Minkoff finally set the record straight regarding misconceptions about her age during the latest RHOBH episode in which she threw a murder mystery party. 

Crystal took to her Instagram the day before the episode was released to clear up the confusion surrounding her age – and fans were surprised to discover how old she is. 

Habla Loud | Official Trailer | HBO

Habla Loud | Official Trailer | HBO
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Crystal Minkoff clears up her real age

While teasing The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills episode on Instagram, which was released on September 21 but filmed in February, she revealed a piece of false information floating around the internet about her age.

The reality TV star captioned a party shot of her and “dapper date” – husband Rob Minkoff – on September 20, writing:

Excited to share my 39th birthday celebration with you all tomorrow night on [RHOBH]. Yes, my birthday is wrong on Google! For the record, it’s 2/4/83.

So that’s the birth date cleared up and, although several of the top hits on Google have Crystal’s correct age, some publications list her as 37 years old and a June birthday, Bravo TV reports.

Crystal’s murder mystery-themed party 

The birthday bash was filmed and we got to see the night unfold on Bravo. Crystal also took to Instagram to share snaps of the night with friends and fans. The Bravo star captioned the picture: “How to throw the perfect murder mystery dinner party” and shared a compilation of pics. 

The first was a shot of the RHOBH ladies in the hired photo booth as they dressed up for the themed party. Crystal also showed the adorable murder mystery-themed cookies she made, including knives with blood splatters. 

There was also a cake with a knife stuck in the top and red icing to look like blood. The personalised cake and cookies were designed by @trishas_treats

The party looked like a lot of fun and, if you want to see the whole night unfold, head over to Bravo or Hayu to watch the episode. 

Crystal’s shout-out to best friend Jana

One person who helped Crystal execute the bash was one of her “oldest and bestest friends from middle school” Jenny, as she revealed in her September 21 Instagram post. 

Crediting Jenny for putting “such a big smile on her face” on the night of the celebration, the RHOBH star also thanked her for “making sure every detail was perfect.”

Crystal also posted a tribute to her “incredible designer” Jana:

They say the home is where the heart is, and Jana has given us a space where our family creates memories of a lifetime. Thank you Jana for always going above and beyond – not only as a designer but as a friend. We love you to the moon and back.



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