Dance Moms' 'tough' Abby Lee Miller shows her softer side with nostalgic snap


Dance Moms' 'tough' Abby Lee Miller shows her softer side with nostalgic snap

Abby Lee Miller looks almost completely different in a nostalgic snap from the 1990s. As today marks her 57th birthday, throwback photos demonstrate how dancing has been running through her veins for a long time.

The former Dance Moms star has been in the spotlight for more than a decade. Throughout the years, fans have seen her rock shiny curly hair and a bright smile – something she has kept since her younger days.

Abby Lee Miller is a well-loved choreographer that began dance at a very young age. Her life was turned upside down when she became paralyzed from the neck down due to Burkitt lymphoma in 2018.

However, the reality star never lost her smile, beautiful looks, and love of being a Dance Mom. Throwback photos show an unrecognizable Abby during her younger days as we celebrate her birthday.

Giving out Jojo Siwa vibes

If you thought that Jojo Siwa’s side pony hairstyle was her thing, you’re wrong because Abby did it first. Pulling out a massive throwback Thursday, the 57-year-old previously shared a picture of her senior year’s graduation in Pittsburgh.

Thinking about it now, a side pony hairstyle wasn’t one of her favorite eras but was her to-go look at the time.

“What was I thinking? I can’t believe I took a formal w/ my side pony?” she joked in her caption.

One thing that has remained from her photos back then is her beautiful smile and love for hoop earrings.

A ‘whole life dedicated to dance competitions’

Before becoming a ‘Dance Mom’, the reality star went through a phase of competing and learning the biz herself. During this time, she appeared completely makeup free and rocking her long curly locks. It’s clear Abby thrived on collecting trophies.

At the age of 13, young Abby began her career as a dance choreographer. Yes, at 13. Once she turned 14, the then-teenager founded Abby Lee Dance Company. She has trained almost 4,000 students since its opening.

Known for her dedication and discipline, as well as being able to bring out the best of her students’ abilities, Abby has become one of the toughest teachers in the Dance Moms community (until she left). She may have seen a few tears, but she has always been proud of her students.

Zero filters – “Completely untouched”

Fast-forward to 2022, Abby looks completely different – and what a glow-up. Throughout her years in the spotlight, Abby has stayed true to some parts of her iconic look.

Though she had gone back to her dark-brown hair for a while and kept it straight, she simply couldn’t get rid of her beloved curly and blonde highlights.

Ditching the filters and photoshop, she recently shows off her natural beauty. And No matter how many years go by, the star will always keep the biggest smile on her face and red lipstick in her purse.


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