Alarm bells are ringing for fans of Kris Jenner after a nasty death hoax started circulating online, leading some to question if the momager really did die this month.

If you’ve been on TikTok of late, there’s a chance you will have come across the rumor that Kris Jenner has passed away.

The idea of losing Kris understandably has fans panicking. As matriarch of one of the world’s most famous families, the Kardashians, Kris Jenner is a powerful figure in showbiz.

Kris is the ultimate cheerleader for her six children and has guided the celebrity bunch on their meteoric rise to fame.

So, why are some now convinced that Kris Jenner has passed away? Let’s debunk the death hoax.

Klarna & Paris Hilton House Of Y2K Launch Party
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Did Kris Jenner die?

No, Kris Jenner has not died, despite what an online death hoax might lead you to believe. A rumor is trending on social media that Kris died earlier this week, however this is false.

An edited video with clips of Kris are accompanied by the text: “Kris Jenner confirmed dead at 67 years old. She was found lying on the floor without a pulse outside her apartment at 7:51am on the 23rd of February 2023.”

The validity of this rumor was instantly called into question over the mention of an apartment. Kris Jenner has multiple properties to her name, which does include two condos. However, her permanent residence is in her Calabasas house.

The hoax has gained notoriety after a meme-worthy clip was spawned from the rumor. A TikTok user tells a woman that “Kris Jenner is dead at 67” and she responds with a haunting shriek. She is becoming known as the ‘Kris Jenner dead at 67 woman’. You can view the viral clip below.

Kris is alive and well

For any fan seriously concerned for the wellbeing of Kris Jenner, you’ll be happy to hear that the famous momager is alive and healthy.

Kris was seen at Paris Hilton’s House of Y2K pop up in collaboration with Klarna on Thursday, February 23. This disputes the death hoax which alleges that Kris died Thursday morning.

As always, Kris continues to be the biggest cheerleader of her kids. The past few days have seen Kris sharing updates on her daughters’ successes. But she is now cheering for herself too, as Kris has been promoting her cleaning brand, Safely, for several days. Just last month, Kris was seen partying it up at a Harry Styles concert. This should quash any worries that Kris Jenner is not well age 67.



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