Dog the Bounty Hunter might be irreplaceable, but a doppelgänger may be coming for spot. The comparison between Dog and his lookalike was so spot on, that Duane had to share it with the world.

After canceling his appearance last year, Duane Chapman was finally able to appear at last week’s Hazzard Fest in Greeny Country. The world’s premiere Dukes of Hazzard-theme festival included guests in all industries, and Dog the Bounty Hunter was amongst the list of celebrities.

Meeting his followers, the 69-year-old encountered a lookalike, and his incredible ‘twinning’ features earned him a feature on his social media platforms.

Did he just become Dog The Bounty Hunter‘s most favorite ‘hunt’ of all time?

Dog the Bounty Hunter meets doppelgänger

On October 29 September, Dog took to Instagram to share with his 708k followers his experience at Hazzard Festival in Greeneville, Tennessee. Excited to meet his fans, he might have encountered his lost twin.

Adding a short video, he wrote in the caption: “Look at this guy! Not a bad match if I do say so myself. Enjoyed meeting all the people that came to @hazzardfestival last weekend in Greeneville, Tennessee.”

“I’d like to introduce the other Dog. We are born two days apart, he’s a lot younger and bigger but I’m more handsome,” he joked. “This is incredible, there’s a lot of things about us that we have both in common” Chapman stated.

The fan, who seemed very excited to have met his idol, even “sounded like” him.

Not only in Duane’s eyes, but his many followers agreed on the similarities between the two. Many were also happy to see him more active on social media, and commented on his “great heart.”

“Double trouble,” a fan wrote.

A second one said: “Yep he is definitely your twin!”

“Wow what a match,” another one commented.

One trip around the sun

Despite vowing there wouldn’t be another Mrs Dog following the tragic loss of Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman, love came knocking – and he has the chance to love her ‘unconditionally’.

On September 2, Dog celebrated his first anniversary with wife Francie. They were brought together by tragedy after the 52-year-old also lost her husband months before Beth passed away.

The two began dating and even moved in together. However, they kept their romance out of the public eye until March 2020. Duane’s love for Francie ended up in the reality star getting down on one knee. Now, they have recently celebrated their first anniversary.

“One trip around the sun with my lovely bride! Francie, happy 1st anniversary! Thank you for giving me a chance to love you unconditionally,” he wrote in a heartfelt caption.


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