Duane Chapman, best known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, famously captured Max Factor heir, Andrew Luster, guilty of 86 criminal charges. When the recent news of Luster’s denied parole was announced, Dog revealed he’d be “glad to do it all over again” if he had to relieve the case.

In 2003, Dog the Bounty Hunter caught Max Factor heir Andrew Luster. The heir escaped to Mexico after being charged with 86 counts. Those included rape of an unconscious person, sodomy, and poisoning.

20 years of being locked up, the great-grandson of the founder of the cosmetics brand has been denied parole after prosecutors believe he was still a “risk to the public” – and Dog is ‘glad’.

Max Factor heir Andrew Luster is denied parole

Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman has been searching for fugitive Andrew Luster in hopes of cashing
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Andrew Luster was first arrested in 2000 after a 21-year-old college student told police officers he raped her. After they had searched his residence, the cops found tapes of Andrew assaulting various women who were sleeping or unconscious.

Describing his crimes as ‘childlike’, Luster paid $40 million to two unnamed females who won civil suits against him, causing him to go bankrupt. He was later given a 124-year prison term but fled to Mexico on $1 million bail.

His case came to Chapman’s attention, who flew to Mexico to capture him and bring him to justice. Since then, Luster has been locked up in prison for the past two decades.

In 2013, it was revealed his sentence had been reduced to 50 years, The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

In hopes of one day seeing freedom, a recent parole hearing denied Luster’s bid to leave jail. What could be Luster’s last chance for freedom, turned into most likely spending the rest of his days in prison.

Andrew is currently 59 years old. The heir still has another 30 years in prison to go.

Dog ‘would gladly do it all over again’ including going to prison

On December 23, Dog the Bounty took to Instagram, in which he spoke about the case of Luster, since he was the one who brought him to justice.

“One of my most famous captures was denied bail this week. Andrew Luster, former heir to the Max Factor fortune, will spend more years behind bars thank goodness,” he began his caption.

The 69-year-old confessed he would “do it all over again” to get him behind bars. Including spending his own time in prison after the Mexican authorities at the time considered bounty hunters illegal.

Nonetheless, he did not face any criminal charges and was released from jail. The case gained recognition, bringing Dog international fame.

Chapman also teased his 705k followers for sharing the side of his story – “soon”.

Fans congratulate Dog for his ‘bravery’

20 years later, the news never gets old. As Duane shared his thoughts on “one of his most famous captures”, many of his followers rushed to send congratulatory messages of support.

A fan said: “I remember when this happened, and I thought how incredibly brave it was for you and your crew to catch him in Mexico!”

Another follower wrote: “Thanks for reeling this one in and making the world a better place!”

One followed: “Incredible Dog! Amazing capture by the [goat].”

As of today, Dog is no longer carrying on with his bounty-hunting days. Instead, he now spends his time traveling with his wife Francie and meeting fans across the States.

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