Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa Chapman has paid a poignant tribute to her sister Barbara Katie Chapman on the anniversary of her death.

While Duane Chapman gained popularity on the reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter, his family had been through many ups and downs behind the cameras.

Duane, who welcomed 12 children from different relationships, suffered a family tragedy back in 2006 one day before his wedding.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter died in 2006

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s family suffered a huge tragedy when his eldest daughter Barbara Katie Chapman died on May 19, 2006.

Barbara died after a car accident near Fairbanks Alaska at the age of 23. She was a passenger in an SUV driven by a friend which happened to be miles away from her father’s wedding.

The tragedy happened one day before Duane’s wedding to his fifth wife Beth Smith in Hawaii. When Duane learned about the car crash, he was unsure whether it was appropriate for the celebrations to go ahead.

Their family eventually decided to go ahead with the wedding and Duane paid a poignant tribute to Barbara.

Lyssa Chapman pays tribute to sister

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa, 36, mourned her late sister and paid a heartbreaking tribute on the anniversary of her death. She shared a tribute on May 19 this year on her Instagram profile.

“My sister, our angel. 16 years gone, left with blurry pictures, and clear memories. Miss you everyday day seester,” Lyssa captioned the emotional tribute.

Marking the 17th anniversary of Barbara’s passing, Lyssa uploaded a picture of her sister and her son, Travis Chapman. Travis was only four years old when Barbara died.

Duane paid tribute to Barbara in 2020

Duane hasn’t paid a tribute to his late daughter this year but he made sure to remember her back in 2020, on the 15th anniversary of her death.

He posted a picture of Barbara with her son on Instagram, writing: “15 years ago today My Barbara Katie went to be w/ JESUS.”

This isn’t the only tragedy that Duane and his family have suffered. Back in 1980, he lost his baby son, Zebadiah. Zebadiah, who was born to Duane and his ex-wife Ann Tegnell, sadly died 30 days after his birth.

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