When it comes to giving Dr Pimple Popper fans what they need, Dr Sandra Lee can always count on a trusty pore of winer video. The dermatologist has had her work cut out over the years squeezing blackheads of all shapes and sizes from patient’s bodies.

In 2023, Dr Pimple Popper wrapped up its ninth season. As some fans may be missing their weekly installment of ‘pops’, Reality Titbit takes a look at a mind-blowing dilated pore of winer Dr Lee pulled out from a brave patient’s back.

Dr Sandra Lee AKA Dr Pimple Popper attends Los Angeles Special Screening Of Discovery+'s "Introducing, Selma Blair" - Arrivals
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Dr Pimple Popper patient has huge dilated pore of winer

A patient visited Dr Pimple Popper’s office with a huge pore of winer on his back that needed surgically removing.

When asked how long he’d had the huge blackhead for, the patient explained that he had been living with it for 30 years.

Dr Sandra Lee described the pore of winer as the patient’s “little friend.”

Despite trying to squeeze it himself before, it was Dr Pimple Popper who had to step in and remove it from his back.

Dr Lee removes ‘prune’

Many Dr Pimple Popper fans love the fact that she gives her pops nicknames during each surgery.

From pulling ‘hot cheetos’ from her patients’ skin, to popping “water-balloons,” Dr Lee certainly gets creative when it comes to describing her pops.

This time around she said that the pore of winer appeared to produce what looked like a “raisin,” and a “cigarette butt.”

However, one fan commented on her video: “My favorite to watch! Dilated pores are the best! You said it was a raisin it looked more like a prune.”

Fans compare dilated pore of winer videos to ‘Christmas’

It’s safe to say that Dr Pimple Popper’s pore of winer extractions are up there when it comes to her content.

The TLC star has fans comparing dilated pore of winers to “Christmas” and more said they watch Dr Lee’s videos “on repeat” as they’re “so satisfying.”

More commented on the “rare gem” of a video: “These are my absolute favourite pops!” and “You gotta post more videos like these!”


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