Jennifer Lopez’s beau Ben Affleck has denied claims he matched with Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan on a dating app. She hinted on season 5 that they “may or may not have” turned to texting on app Raya before he got back with the singer.

Emma made the shocking revelation after Chrishell Stause brought up last year’s viral TikTok in which Gone Girl actor Ben allegedly messaged a woman on dating app Raya after she unmatched with him.

She added he may have asked to go for coffee but she didn’t attend any date. But when Chrishell joked Emma could have “foiled” his relationship with J Lo, she clarified the interaction took place “right before” Ben got back with Jen.

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Emma claims she matched with Ben

Emma revealed she matched with Ben Affleck on dating app Raya. During Selling Sunset season 5, she revealed they “may or may not have” started texting and was asked to go for coffee, which she didn’t attend.

It comes during the same season she claimed to have qualified for Olympic swimming. Claiming the entire Raya episode happened just before Ben got back with Jennifer Lopez, she told Chrishell Stause:

So, maybe that (foiling Ben Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez) wouldn’t have happened. (But) we have the Boston connection. So, that was his opening pick-up line.

Several Netflix viewers don’t believe Emma’s claims but, while talking to ET Online about her feud with Christine Quinn, the star detailed lying isn’t how she was raised. She said:

I’m super real, I’m super genuine. I don’t understand the lies and everything else. I don’t resonate with that. That’s not who I am – that’s not how I was raised.

Ben Affleck has been ‘inactive for years’

Ben Affleck’s representatives have now responded to Emma Hernan’s claims on the Netflix series. They told People he has been inactive on dating app Raya for several years.

A representative for Hernan told People the Selling Sunset star was referring to an interaction that occurred in 2019, before he got back with Jennifer Lopez.

The Gone Girl actor has previously poked fun at rumours he’s on Raya, while asking the app to join him in contributing to a good cause. “HA, you got me. I’m dating,” he wrote on Instagram in 2019.

Fans react to Ben and Emma rumours

When Emma dropped the bomb by claiming her and Ben matched on Raya, the majority of Selling Sunset viewers chose not to believe her. However, some have Emma’s back and think the speculation is true.

One fan wrote: “We are supposed to believe Ben Affleck wanted to date Melbatoast Emma??! And she turned him down??!! I think those frozen empanadas are getting to your brain.”

Another reacted: “Ben Affleck and his team trying to shut down the Emma rumour makes me believe it’s 100% true.

You’re telling me Emma was messaging Ben Affleck and she didn’t go???“, a viewer posted on Twitter.



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