Kanye West is the mastermind behind the unusual yet innovative Yeezy shoes and he’s declared a new trend: socks with bedazzled flip-flops.

Say what you want but Kanye has the power to sell out any shoe style he conjures up, no matter how much confusion they cause. When Yeezy dropped their first sneaker with Adidas, the Yeezy Boost 750 in Light Brown, the funky style sold out in 10 minutes thanks to the exclusivity of the 9000-pair limitation.

Resell prices over the years shot up to thousands of dollars despite the criticism of being too experimental, but nevertheless, Ye has never failed to rake in the orders.

The trendsetter’s latest style elevates the existing socks with sandals trend: socks with flip-flops. But the internet is claiming it’s nothing mindblowing because they’ve been doing it for years – just not as a fashion statement though.

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Kanye is one step ahead of the fashion game with socks and flip-flops

Comfort was a priority for the rapper, 45, as he attended Burberry’s Spring 2023 show in a pair of flip-flops. They weren’t a regular pair of sandals – featuring blinged-out straps, it received the glamorous glow-up necessary for London Fashion Week.

Paired with black Japanese tabi socks, leather trousers, and a matching belted leather jacket, Ye kept it cozy for the gloomy British weather. His signature street style remained prominent with a black hoodie layered underneath.

He wasn’t alone in his fashion statement; all 81 runway looks saw the models dressed in a variety of flip-flops, though they weren’t as bejeweled as Ye’s. They did, however, wear toeless mesh catsuits underneath.

Fans caught a glimpse of the fashion statement from the man himself in a meme-like Instagram Story photo captioned: “Don’t talk to me.”

Ye’s brave style comes a month after his recent collaboration with Gap stirred up a wave of backlash due to its inconvenient product display. The Grammy-winner opted to present his collection in “trash bags” in-store, complicating the shopping process. He later confirmed it was an artistic choice to use construction bags.

Socks with flip-flops have been around for years, say fans

Ye might not the trendsetter in this scenario because socks paired with flip-flops are our choice of shoes when we take out the trash every night – and we’re not the only ones. “I do this all the time around the house. What seems to be the problem?” a fan commented.

Another Instagram user praised: “I mean c‘mon we knew about this already back in 2007. Flip flops and socks is the best.”

Many Brazilian fans have chimed in, calling it a style of their people:

“We’ve been wearing this in Brazil since the last century…” they wrote, before a second similarly added: “This is fashion in Brazil for a long time.”

The Brazilians may have some competition as an Australian is claiming it as well: “Aussies invented it first.”


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