Khloe Kardashian is always in the spotlight and she has commonly been in the media for accusations against her having butt implants. The youngest Kardashian sister has been scrutinised in the past over her supposed changing behind and fans aren’t convinced about her butt implant denial.

Seeing her in the new show, The Kardashians has got fans talking again as her butt appears to be smaller. There is no denying that the reality star looks amazing but audiences want to know if she has had butt implants in the past or if she just has an amazing figure and an amazing personal trainer.

Reality Titbit has all the details on the speculations as well as a closer look at her changing booty in the past.

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Captive Audience | Trailer | Hulu
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Does Khloe Kardashian have butt implants?

On the new season of The Kardashians that dropped a few weeks ago, Khloe has been the talk of the town as she looks incredible boasting an impressive weight loss and what appears like a smaller behind. Fans think she may have had her implants removed – that’s if they were ever there.

In terms of if she has had butt implants, despite the constant conversations, Khloe has always denied any surgery to her body, aside from her nose job. We know she is a fan of changing her hair and using fun filters, but the reality star has always denied surgery.

Khloe’s ever-changing butt

The rumours about the Kardashian sister having butt implants came about in 2014 after she had divorced her ex Lamar and began working on her “revenge body.” However, fans couldn’t help but notice that her butt looked completely out of proportion to the rest of her body.

By 2018 she had her daughter True and Khloe was frequently showing off her hot post-baby body on Instagram, which caught fans’ attention. Again, many fans were convinced that she had had butt implants as the before and afters of her behind were drastic.

Since 2014 Khloe has been in and out of the media for her ever-changing behind but still remains adamant that her nose job is her only form of cosmetic surgery.

Khloe’s butt began to look smaller

The star shot back into the media spotlight in early 2021 as fans noticed through general paparazzi pictures that Khloe’s butt had begun to look much smaller, calling fans to believe she may have had her implants dissolved.

Around the same time, fans were also noticing that Kim and well as Kris all began to look a little smaller from behind, making fans speculate that the family were starting to go for the more natural look. One fan on Twitter said:

I’m almost certain the Kardashians have got their butt implants removed. Khloe and Kim look so much smaller and I’m living for it!!!

No matter what the truth is about Khloe’s behind, there is no denying that the mother has worked incredibly hard on her body to get where she is now.



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