An unearthed clip of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian taking the New York subway for the first time has left fans quacking and cringing as the two reality stars struggle to make their way through to the Big Apple.

Is Kim Kardashian taking the subway in New York City? That’s right.

Kim and her eldest sister Kourtney expanded their business by opening a DASH store in New York. However, their journey wasn’t as easy as they expected. Kim and Kourtney saw themselves going around the city without their drivers.

A Twitter user reposted the hilarious moment taken from an episode of KUWTK’s spin-off series Kourtney and Kim Take New York. In the clip, the two successful siblings are using the subway and encounter a series of struggles.

Kim and Kourtney Take New York… Subway

Keeping Up With The Kardashians might have been the entertainment, but the Kim and Kourtney’s spinoff series came through with a lot of funny moments as the two sisters took on their biggest challenge yet in the Big Apple.

Though it’s a common method of transportation used by millions of New Yorkers, the two reality stars found themselves struggling as they tried to make their way through the rush hour.

The funny clip begins with the two siblings walking down the subway stairs, while Kourtney becomes worried as to “where do you even go”. Although Kim seemed to be confident, she described the subway to be “really scary”.

The two then make their way up toward the ticket vendor, Kim and Kourtney had no clue about the name of their destination.

“There was something called On The Six that was J-Lo’s album’s name”, she said.

Succeeding to take the subway, Kourtney is heard saying, “Woah, the subway!” as Kim responds, “I’d rather eat Subway”.

Kim Kardashian asked strangers if they ever get ‘scared’

One thing that was very clear during the experience of the two sisters is that one enjoyed it more than the other. While Kourtney was surprised by the transportation system, Kim was pretty freaked out.

To make her trip more enjoyable, the reality star decided to strike up conversations with strangers, asking the most unexpected questions.

“Do you guys ever get scared on the subway?” Kim asked a man as he tried to avoid making eye contact with the star.

He replied ‘no’, and she then asked if they had ever been robbed, again they declined. Then the now mom-of-four asked ‘Have you robbed anyone?’ to which they shook their heads. Awkward.

Throughout her many years in the spotlight, Kardashian fans have listed the many things Kim is afraid of. Whether it’s spiders or the New York subway, the beauty mogul isn’t turning down a life-changing experience.

Fans in tears ‘cringe’ at the scene

When the clip resurfaced online, many Kardashian fans were in hysterics at the iconic moment. Longtime fans reacted to the hilarious clip, as the two sisters make a great duo despite their occasional disagreements.

Nonetheless, others described it as an “out of touch” moment as the two live a different lifestyle than those who regularly use the subway as their method of transport.

One wrote: “I was wildly entertained this entire clip. Now I understand why people love these 2.”

“So many iconic lines in less than a minute,” another tweeted.

Another asked: “Now. why would they ask if those guys ever robbed anyone?”

“I’m NYC born and raised and I’m cringing watching this,” one commented.


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