Trisha Paytas has officially gone into labour, announcing that she is “1cm dilated” on her Twitter page. Her YouTube fans are now eager to find out what she’ll name her child, with many hoping she’ll call the baby Elizabeth.

The newborn is set to be her first child after Paytas confirmed in a YouTube video that she is expecting her first child with Moses Hacmon. She had previously been told by doctors that she would not be able to conceive a child naturally.

Trisha confirmed that the baby is a girl in an Instagram post in April, but has also stated that she will bring up her child as gender-neutral. As she goes into labour, fans are placing their guesses on what she’ll name the baby.

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Trisha Paytas prepares for labour

Trisha announced she is preparing for labour on Twitter, letting her followers know that she is 1cm dilated. It comes after she posted a photo to her Instagram two days ago, asking if it is the last week she will be pregnant.

The YouTuber wrote: “WE ARE SO BEYOND READY TO MEET OUR DAUGHTER.” At the latest, Trish’s induction date is set to be September 22nd, meaning her baby is due to be a Virgo child.

While she is 1cm dilated, this still means she may not give birth for weeks, but it could also signify just hours until labour, depending on the person’s body.

Fans guess Trisha’s baby name

The most popular guess is that Trisha will call her daughter Elizabeth in tribute to the Queen, who died on September 8th. Other guesses made by fans include Paisley and Malibu.

One fan wrote: “Is her name Elizabeth??? PLEASE BE ELIZABETH.”

Another said: “I’m genuinely hoping Trisha Paytas would name her baby Elizabeth, I think that’ll be so iconic of her.”

Others think she could still name the baby after the royal family, such as Diana, Eli or Liz. “If I were Trisha Paytas I’d name my baby Elizabeth Alexandra to spice up the year just a little bit more,” penned a fan.

YouTuber to reveal name when she’s born

Trisha said during a ‘baby name reveal’ video that they have already chosen a name for their daughter, which they will announce when she is here. She also said she is keeping it a secret while pregnant as “it’s more exciting to wait”.

The YouTuber revealed:

We have a baby name put down. The only reason we’re not saying is because, you know me, I’d love to blurt it, I’m not superstitious, but I want to announce her name when she’s here. If for whatever reason, we see her and think oh no, that’s not her name, I don’t foresee that happening. Ultimately we want to see her and have her in the world and have her energy when we introduce her.

She has revealed that both her and Moses will be raising their child without gender norms. According to Popbuzz, the YouTuber will be bringing up their daughter as non-binary, but revealed she is a girl in April.

Before her body began getting ready for labour, Trisha and Moses set up a car seat for their baby, revealing in an August 10 video that she wants to be prepared before she arrives.

She revealed in the same video that she will not be talking about diet or weight, and will make sure the baby is active.


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