SKNN’s upcoming release is a tissue box and to avoid customer confusion, Kim filmed a tutorial on how to refill the $89 display case.

Kim Kardashian is officially diving into the world of home accessories with her new collection. The reality star previously professed her love for interior design and in true SKKN BY KIM fashion, the release follows her signature minimalist aesthetic.

With prices starting at an eye-watering $65, the businesswoman made sure the price is justifiable by personally filming marketing materials. This included Kim Kardashian recording a tutorial on how to refill the tissue box.

Check out Kim Kardashian’s step-by-step tissue box tutorial

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Standing in her $60 million Hidden Hills mansion, the Skims founder carved out time for her new product.

“Alright, I am going to show you how to put the tissue in the Tissue Box just in case no one knows because the box does not fit inside,” she explained. The mom-of-four demonstrated that a standard cube box couldn’t fit in her rounded design.

“So you take the lid off, and then you open this,” Kim continued as she fumbled with the store-bought packaging. “You take the tissue out and just put it in, and put the lid right on with a little piece of tissue sticking in – and there you go.”

“And so then when you grab it, another piece is there.”

Presuming that the internet was going to claim she wasted two sheets in the tutorial, she clarified that she was “gonna keep them over here.”

“There you have it, there is the beautiful tissue holder.” Ta dah!

The Tissue Box will be available on the SKNN website from Wednesday, October 6, at 9am PT / 12p ET. Advertised as “sculpted concrete”, the $89 product is perfect for the colder fall months as more of us will be reaching for tissues – and your tissues only deserve the best display case out there.

The entire collection includes a table-top Waste Basket; a Round Container ideal for cotton pads; a Canister for cotton swabs; and a thin Vanity Plate to display your new SKNN accessories. The entire 5-piece bundle is available for a discounted $355.

SKNN video mocked by trolls and fans

Her followers aren’t holding back with their responses to Kim’s unexpected tutorial – cue the sarcastic comments.

“I didn’t even know how to use a Kleenex box this is amaaaazeballzzz,” a fan joked.

A second similarly commented: “Oh s***… how did I live my life before this video?”

“I lost some brain cells watching this,” another added.

Rather than mocking the clip, two users kept things serious. They pointed out the Tissue Box’s rounded edges as a “design flaw”. Another suggested making “a tissue holder that actually fits the standard box size.”

However, fans’ jokes aside, there has been an outpouring of support of Kim’s new journey. After the success of her clothing range, SKIMS, plus her skincare line selling out the full bundle within hours, home decor is another new venture for the star.

Followers have been saying how much they love how it fits in with her packaging aesthetic.

The instructional post also reminded fans of how to eat a Kit Kat à la Kourtney Kardashian, while others begged Kim for a cucumber-cutting video for Kendall.



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