Kim Kardashian is known for her fashion statements, so when it comes to her ex-husband Kanye’s brand Yeezy, you’d think that may be a step too far. However, she’s been spotted wearing the brand’s glasses TWICE recently.

She sported the Yeezy shades less than a week before The Kardashians season 2 trailer came out recently. And yet again, the reality TV personality was wearing the unique sunglasses made by the popular brand.

Despite being divorced from her baby father, who owns the business, there’s a reason for why she keeps promoting the company. That’s because she’s a part owner – a big explanation for wearing those new YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ.

Kim Kardashian plugs Yeezy – again

When Hulu released The Kardashians season 2 trailer, Kim was seen posing in a green bikini while wearing huge silver Yeezy shades. This was a clear sign for fans that Pete is long gone from the star’s life, following their recent split.

Then in another clip, Kim is seen walking in front of paparazzi in another pair of Yeezy shades, this time in a black colour. Surrounded by bodyguards, she struts her stuff while promoting the brand’s sunglasses.

The upcoming season (out on September 22nd) was filmed several months ago, with many hoping it will feature the Met Gala, and of course, Kourtney and Travis’ wedding. Technically, Kim’s IG post was a second plug timeline-wise!

Kim took to Instagram on August 4th to upload a series of photos wearing the new Yeezy sunglasses. It isn’t the first time she has promoted the brand, as she wore Yeezy sneakers despite her finalised divorce from brand owner Kanye.

Who is the owner of Yeezy?

Kanye West is the main owner of Yeezy. But in 2018, Kim was given partial ownership of Yeezy as reported by The Sun.

They split the brand income evenly due to an air-tight pre-nup agreement they signed before getting hitched in 2014. This means their separate business empires and mammoth earnings are protected.

Ye launched his first Yeezy collection with Adidas in 2015. Under the partnership with Adidas, Kanye retains ownership of his brand while having full creative control over the products released, as per Billboard.

Fans think Kim shaded Pete

Like previous times when Kim has promoted Yeezy, several of her followers are convinced that she has gotten back together with Kanye. It’s clear to see on social media that fans knew Kim and Pete were over when she wore Yeezy.

Following the trailer, a fan commented: “They’re gonna start rolling out the footage without Pete in it now lol.”

While a fellow viewer penned on Twitter: “We should have known it was over with Pete and Kim when she was posting selfies in those horrific Yeezy sunglasses.”

“Kanye is a menace. I knew it was a wrap for Pete when Kim posted the pic with the Yeezy shades, though,” wrote a fan.

“I thought she was just doing this because after all he did give her ownership in the company? I would love for them to get back together though,” reacted a KIMYE supporter.

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