Farrah Abraham has blamed a common health issue for her “puffy” cheeks after her look led to concern among her fan base.

The former Teen Mom star found fame in 2009 when she started documenting her journey as a young mother while bringing up her daughter Sophia.

After starring in four seasons of the MTV reality show, Farrah Abraham left the franchise and changed her focus to standup comedy and social media work.

The ex-reality star raised concerns about her “puffy” appearance but she admitted that her appearance is down to a common health condition she was recently diagnosed with.

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Farrah Abraham blames health issue for “puffy” face

The reality star’s “puffy” cheeks and appearance are down to the common health condition – sinusitis.

“Hey all, as it is my birthday, I just wanted to say I have been having a puffy face because I have sinusitis,” she explained in an Instagram Story posted this week.

The concerns started after Farrah shared a string of images from her birthday trip to Amsterdam. Her next post featured a screenshot from a media report which discussed the reality star’s “puffy” appearance.

“So you get allergy shots, you get steroids in order to be diagnosed with sinusitis,” Farrah further explained. “Usually, it takes a year for your doctor to understand that, that’s what it is.”

Farrah will have surgery next week

Sinusitis is a health condition where the lining of the sinuses becomes inflamed. The symptoms include pain in the face, a blocked nose, and difficulty in breathing.

In one of her next posts, Farrah revealed that she will undergo surgery next week to help her recover.

“So I’m actually going under surgery next week after my birthday, so thank you for others who were saying negative things and not being educated on the matter,” the TV personality continued.

“And most of us suffer with sinusitis and do not know that’s what’s affecting our eyes or cheeks, our whole nasal area, and so that’s just what has happened,” she finished.

Farrah celebrated her 32nd birthday

Farrah celebrated her 32nd birthday on May 31, 2023, which marked exactly 13 years since her launch to fame as a new mom and reality star.

Farrah and her 13-year-old daughter Sophia traveled to Amsterdam to celebrate the special occasion. Moreover, they had another girls’ trip in April this year recently when they visited some of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions.

“From Mount Fiji to sumo wrestling, epic Kawaii shopping, famed Harajuku street and so much more,” Farrah captioned a video featuring their best moments from the holiday.

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