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Former Kardashian assistants say working for the family is like being "part of a tribe"

From the outside in, it’s easy to assume that the Kardashian family is wealthy, stuck up and extremely materialistic but the question we all want to know is are they really like that?

If we want to find an honest opinion and answer, who better to trust than their assistants? Who have worked with the sisters very closely and personally. Reality Titbit did some digging and has all the details on what it’s actually like to work for the Kardashians, including who is the most difficult to work with and more. Check it out.

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Stories of the Hidden World | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Stories of the Hidden World | Official Trailer | Prime Video
Photo by Kevin Mazur/MG22/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

What it’s like to work for the Kardashians

Many of the sisters’ former employees have spoken out about what it’s like to work for the Kardashians and one of the main things a lot of them highlight is how “extremely rare” their family bond is.

Erica Mena spoke out in an interview about her time with the family, she said she had no hard feelings towards them and also said that her times working with the family were some of the best years of her life.

During an interview in 2014 Mena expressed her admiration for the family saying, “they’re damn good, not only at making money, but also having a family to do it with, and that’s so rare!”

Kim Kardashian’s former assistant of five years, Stephanie Shepherd compared her job to being part of “one big extended family.”

In an interview with Refinery29, Stephanie couldn’t speak more highly about the family and said:

“Everyone who works for the Kardashian family is part of this little tribe, We get each other Christmas presents, and we take care of all the kids like they’re our own kids.”

Apparently, Kourtney was the “rudest”

A former housekeeper for the Kardashians opened up to InTouch during an interview about how Kourtney was “by far the rudest and unappreciative person in the family.”

The source labelled the eldest sister as “overprotective” when it came to her children and said:

“She always was asking the babysitter what they were up to and micromanaging them. I could tell it was hard for her to let them do their jobs.”

The same housekeeper also mentioned that Scott Disick was “constantly drunk” during the time she worked for the family.

“[He] would leave empty bottles of alcohol all over the place. [He was] a complete and utter mess.”

The pay isn’t as good as it may seem

A lot of people assume that working for the Kardashians means lots of money but since Kim’s outlandish comments about “get your ass up and work” many former employees have spoken up.

Jessica Defino revealed that she was an editor for the Kardashian app in 2015 and said the pay wasn’t sufficient. She said:

“I was an assistant editor on the Kardashian Jenner Official Apps, and I didn’t make enough money to make it to work.”

DeFino went on to say that she only made an annual salary of $35.000. After taxes, the editor would only end up with $600 per week and she could barely pay for food, rent and bills.

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