#TheKardashians practically takes over Twitter whenever a new episode on Hulu comes out. So when the big ‘K’ logo that used to come up when liking a post using the hashtag was removed, users were furious.

It’s the little things that matter most sometimes. That includes Kris and Kylie going through a car wash and picking up groceries, which they compared to Disneyland. And the special ‘K’ logo popping up on liked Twitter posts is similar.

When Twitter users started liking more of #TheKardashians posts, that huge ‘K’ no longer popped up. Fans are now calling for the special feature to return to the social media platform after it was removed.

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The Kardashians logo on Twitter

In April, when The Kardashians first aired on Hulu, a big ‘K’ letter representing the show logo would suddenly pop up when Twitter users liked posts using the hashtag ‘#TheKardashians’.

Kris first announced the news on April 14th and wrote: “You guys!! Give this tweet a heart to see a cute surprise! #TheKardashians.” Some were too late to the ‘like’ action, leaving them disappointed to see nothing.

Two months later, the like feature no longer appears for anyone when pressing the heart button on Twitter posts. This has led to fury among viewers who avidly watch the reality TV series.

Reality Titbit has contacted Hulu for comment.

Fans call for ‘like’ feature to return

Since the like feature hit Twitter, viewers have been trying to see the ‘K’ logo pop up. When it stopped working, many started to ask Hulu and The Kardashians why the feature was removed.

Several viewers said the Twitter feature used to work for them, but no longer does. A viewer wrote: “I guess it was an experimental feature that they were trying.”

Another said: “Every week someone posts this & every week someone replies [saying] it doesn’t work. Then, someone replies to them that it did but it doesn’t any more. And every week y’all fall for it.”

“It did [work] before, I remember. It’s not working any more,” said a Twitter user.

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Kris revealed Tweets could hit billboard

The ‘like’ feature was not the only way Twitter helped to promote The Kardashians new series on Hulu. Kris revealed that fans who tweet their favorite moment from the season could have their post end up on a New York billboard.

Los Angeles was another location where billboards with fan tweets could land. Some said they never saw any social media posts promoting the show on any city boards, but many took Kris’ word for it.

One fan shared their favorite moments and wrote: “I loved seeing Kim’s law school journey! So fascinating to watch! And I loved seeing Kourtney and Travis’s relationship grow!”



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