The tension between Garcelle and Erika has been brewing on the latest episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A preview of the upcoming episode shows that things have hit boiling point as Garcelle unfollows Erika on Instagram.

“We don’t have to be friends,” says Garcelle during the clip. The fallout comes after weeks of rising tensions between the pair due to Erika’s drinking and “disrespect” towards Garcelle’s family on the show.

Erika recently stood up for Garcelle on her social media after her 14-year-old son Jax faced cyberbullying from “fans” but it appears that the ladies relationship is far from fixed.

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Garcelle unfollows Erika on Instagram

Yesterday, the @bravohousewives Instagram page posted a preview clip of the upcoming RHOBH episode where we can see the ladies having a discussion. Garcelle proceeds to tell Erika that she was “hurt” being called a “liar” and that due to this she unfollowed her on Instagram.

Garcelle then says “Erika we don’t have to be friends” to which Erika looks in shock. The pair have been facing their struggles throughout the entire latest series and it seems that Garcelle is at the end of her tether.

This season Erika appears to be drinking more and has admitted to being on medication due to the ongoing stress of the court proceedings to do with her ex-husband, Tom Jerardi.

These stresses have certainly been shown on the show and Garcelle seems to have had enough of the situation.

Fans label Garcelle the “voice of reason”

It appears that fans are on Garcelle’s side through the ordeal as they were quick to back her in the comment section of the video. One fan even labeled her “the voice of reason” with a comment saying:

“We all unpolluted Erika on Instagram. And everywhere else for that matter. Garcelle is the only voice of reason on this show.”

Other fans said things such as, “WE LOVE YOU GARCELLE” and “I’m so proud of her for speaking up to Erika!”

Others also appeared to feel sorry for Erika as one commented “I hope Erika is okay. She’s been different this season and I feel bad for her.”

Garcelle’s son has faced cyberbullying online

Since the drama with Erika and other housewives on the show, her son Jax was attacked online. On Tuesday Garcelle, 55, fired back at the online trolls and bully’s in a post that stated:

“I’m usually a very strong woman. I’ve been raised to be strong. My life has taught me to be strong but when it comes to my kids! It hurts. It’s not OK. I’ve been in tears all night. It’s just a TV show people. Scream at your TV throw something at your TV but leave our kids alone #RHOBH.”

The cyberbullying started when Rina and Garcelle’s feud began on the show. The women have clashed over castmates Erika Jayne and Diana Jenkins, friends of Rinna’s who Beauvais has either questioned or butted heads with.

It appears that in defense of their favorite cast members, viewers have taken it upon themselves to insult Beauvais’ kids, something that Bravo didn’t take too lightly either in a statement in which they expressed “shock” and are “appalled” at the behavior.



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