Sylvester Stallone splashes millions on his sprawling mansions, and according to the internet, he has an abandoned house in Maryland. Reality Titbit investigates the rumor and where he lives now.

Sylvester Stallone is following in the footsteps of the Kardashians on reality TV with his family show, The Family Stallone.

Also like the famous sisters, the actor has an impressive real estate portfolio. He’s owned multi-million mansions in Florida and California, but an alleged abandoned house was definitely not on our bingo card.

According to the internet, the Paramount Plus star has a neglected “millionaires mansion” in Maryland, but where did this wild rumor stem from? Sylvester, known by fans as Sly, has never confirmed the allegations, but Reality Titbit looks into how the findings have directed rumors to the family.

Inside ‘abandoned house’ the internet thought was Sylvester Stallone’s

Derelict vintage Mercedes with Sly 3 license plate in abandoned woods
Credit XPLR World youtube channel

A video uploaded on June 15, 2018, documented a YouTuber exploring an abandoned home in the woods of Maryland. The dusty interior clearly hadn’t been touched for years, the grounds were overgrown, and several derelict luxury vintage cars with Maryland license plates scattered the gardens.

One Mercedes vehicle had a license plate reading “SLY 3”, while another car read “SLY 2”. The video was only linked to Stallone until after it was shared by a Reddit user who directly claimed it was the actor’s “abandoned mansion in Maryland”.

Another commenter suggested that the property was the Stallone family home in the 1950s, which is untrue. While the Rambo star did spend his childhood in Silver Spring, Maryland, the real house was placed on the market in 2017 for $750,000 and showed no signs of neglect.

The four-bedroom, 2525 sqft home boasted clean interiors, shiny hardwood floors, and an immaculate front garden.

According to fact-checking site, Snopes, a spokesperson for the Maryland Department Of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration claimed that the vehicles with Maryland plates were not registered to a Stallone resident.

There is no definitive answer to whether the home belonged to Sylvester, but most evidence suggests it is a false rumor.

Sly Stone named as potential car owner

Old abandoned kitchen in dark with single spotlight shining on cupboards
Credit XPLR World youtube channel

Whispers elsewhere allege that the vehicles and mansion could be the property of American funk musician, Sly Stone.

Best known as the frontman of the funk rock band, Sly And The Family Stone, Sly – real name Sylvester Stewart – had a fleet of classic cars during the peak of his career in the 60s. His collection reportedly included a purple Jaguar XKE, Hummers, and a London taxi cab.

Again, Stewart has never confirmed the allegations. In 2011, the 80-year-old was reportedly homeless and residing in a van in Los Angeles. His current living situation is unknown but he will be releasing a memoir in October.

Sylvester Stallone’s estate on market for $21.3 million

Just one month after the Tulsa King actor sold his Beverly Park mega-mansion to Adele for $58 million, Sylvester and wife Jennifer Flavin dropped $18 million on a 10,000 sqft home in Hidden Hills, California, the location of nearly every member of the Kardashians. Although Sylvester thinks Kim and Co are ‘brilliant’, he sees no point in copying them in his new reality show.

Over its 2.26 acres, the property includes a guesthouse, pool house, and a separate horse barn. It looks like the Stallones weren’t a big fan of the home since it was listed on the market for $22.5 million barely nine months after purchase.

As of May 2023, the estate has been slashed to $21.3 million, but we’re positive that the $1.2 million loss wouldn’t hurt Sylvester’s impressive fortune.

Where does Sylvester Stallone live?

The family reportedly spends the majority of their time in their $35 million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

Our sources say Sylvester and Jennifer are selling the place because they spend the majority of their time in Florida, where they own a $35 million mansion in Palm Beach.

The sprawling estate overlooks the picturesque Lake Worth Lagoon, which is on the doorstep of their well-maintained gardens and pool. In total, the property has 13,241 sqft of living space, seven bathrooms, and 12 bathrooms.

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