North West has once again gone viral on TikTok, and this time, instead of drawing Ice Spice, she’s dressed up as her and even landed herself a collab, however, some videos have now been deleted due to Twitter backlash.

It seems like North West has definitely taken after The Kardashians and with her constant viral TikToks, Kris Jenner may have a new business venture on her hands. Although, she may have gotten her first taste of controversy with her latest TikToks.

We take a look at North West’s Ice Spice outfit and why some Twitter users were less than impressed with the Kim and North account.

North West poses as Ice Spice

Just months after dressing up as her dad Kanye West, it seems North has gotten the dressing-up box out again as she dresses up as her fave rapper Ice Spice with a ginger wig, white hoodie, and chain around her neck.

Not only did North West dress up as the rapper, but she also made a number of TikToks with her. She then duetted a TikTok on Ice Spice’s profile in her outfit, lip-syncing to Ice Spice’s In Ha Mood.

The 9-year-old’s friends also joined in on the antics, dancing along with Ice Spice. Mom Kim even made a quick cameo, but for once, the 42-year-old wasn’t the one who was the star of the show.

Kim and North West delete Ice Spice TikToks

Although the duet is still up, a number of other TikToks where North dressed up as the rapper have now been deleted after Twitter backlash.

The deleted video shows North West miming the lyrics to the hit song The Boys A Liar, which some Twitter users were saying was inappropriate for a 9-year-old. They were calling mom Kim ‘inappropriate’ for allowing North to do this.

However, others didn’t see the big deal.

The rapper shows her appreciation for North

The TikTok videos weren’t Ice Spice and North’s first interaction, North first revealed her love for the rapper when she showcased her drawing of her on TikTok.

Speaking to E! after North’s drawing of her, Ice Spice said she ‘loves’ North West.

When asked by E! if she’d seen North’s picture, the rapper said she did and called it ‘so cute.’ “Shout out to Northie, I love her” she continued.

She said she wasn’t expected it to happen but said: “I see her TikTok’s all the time, I love her. She’s really talented.”

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