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Iconic Maury moments of the past three decades ahead of show's ending

The longest-running talk show of all time has just been cancelled after more than three decades of pure entertainment. Maury Povich, host of the iconic Maury show, announced his talk show – which has been running since 1991 – is being cancelled. Fans were left shocked and saddened by the news as we’ll no longer get to see more of the bizarre and sometimes unbelievable stories. 

We don’t know why the show has been cancelled but we assume Maury turning 83 is enough of an answer. Perhaps the show has just come to the end of the road?

After 30 years of baby daddy drama, “odd couples” and an endless amount of paternity tests, Reality Titbit takes a look back at some of Maury’s most iconic moments.

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Family Reboot | Official Trailer | Disney+

Family Reboot | Official Trailer | Disney+
Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The original ‘you are not the father dance’

You’ve probably seen this iconic dance as a meme on social media or plastered over TikTok. The legendary moment took place during an early episode of Maury when a lady called Sabrina was trying to figure out who the father of her child was. 

Sabrina was convinced Andrew, her high-school sweetheart turned enemy, was the father but Andrew was adamant he wasn’t. Maury got Andrew to undergo a paternity test to find out who the four-month-old baby’s father was.

Maury revealed Andrew wasn’t the father and, out of sheer joy and excitement, Andrew proceeded to do a hilarious, moonwalk-style dance on set that has gone down as an iconic Maury moment. 

Watch it below:

Maury reveals most shocking paternity revelation

We all have our own favourite Maury moments but have you ever wondered what Maury’s favourite moment has been during his three decades on the show?

The talk show host revealed during an interview with Good Morning America there was “one particular show that is etched into my memory forever”. Maury said there was a woman who had given birth to twins and, at the time, she had been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. 

Her current partner, Chad, wanted to find out whether he was the father of the twins and, although this doesn’t sound too uncommon for the show, the results even shocked Maury. 

It was revealed Chad was the father to the boy twin but wasn’t the father of the girl twin. During the Good Morning America interview, Maury said:

I say, ‘you are the father of one but not of the other’ and I look at my staff and go, ‘what?’ They said there was a one-million-to-one chance according to science.

Maury Povich

Tana Mongeau’s hilarious Maury appearance

Another hilarious and iconic moment on Maury was when the host had to “uncover” a scandal between YouTube star Christine and her fiance Elijah, who Tana had been associated with romantically. 

The episode was clearly a joke but that didn’t take away from how hilarious it was. The storyline was that Christine’s fiance had been cheating with Tana and she was on the show to reveal the truth. The YouTuber came on set taking selfies and posing and continued to act up during the legendary episode. 

34 potential baby daddies

Another memorable moment came when Moyisha came on the show with a potential 34 different baby daddies. Moyisha had come back to the show for a fourth time to do paternity test number six after being told every time that the person was not the father. 

This time she was adamant she knew Tommy was the father of her two-month-old but Maury revealed he wasn’t the father either. Moyisha never actually found out on the show who her baby daddy was.


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