Jordyn Woods‘ latest TikTok left Kardashian-Jenner fans flooding the comment section accusing her of ‘shading’ her former best friend Kylie Jenner – but she has quickly shut down all the rumors.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner used to be best friends. Spending their youth together, as well as Kylie’s early fame in reality show business, their friendship fell apart after news broke that Tristan Thompson and Jordyn were caught kissing in a nightclub.

Now doing their separate lives, the two have been in the same headlines every once in a while. This time, Jordyn caught the attention of Kylie fans after she joined a TikTok trend, though fans believe it was a little diss to her former bestie.

Jordyn Woods’ latest TikTok sparks debate, but there was ‘no shade towards anyone’


😳😳😳 thank you mom & dad for these genetics 🫶🏽

♬ party monster – xxtristanxo

On December 15, Jordyn took to her personal TikTok account to update her 1.3 million followers with another video.

Jordyn joined the trend of users posing with a filter minimizing the size of their lips in the sound of The Weeknd’s Party Monster. Seconds later, their big lips “like Angelina” come on screen.

In the nine-second video, Jordyn poses without showing emotion, then the filter flashes her naturally full lips for the camera.

“Thank you mom & dad for these genetics,” she captioned. Jordyn then lip-synced to the lyrics, saying “Angelina, lips like Angelina.

Shortly after Jordyn posted her video, Kylie Jenner fans and critics began leaving comments underneath the video, believing it was a diss towards her. Kylie started a makeup empire with her brand Kylie Lip Kits which later re-branded to Kylie Cosmetics.

“Kylie Jenner is typing…,” one wrote.

A second fan said: “I’m gonna take this as shade.”

In the midst of all the fans’ comments, the model replied the post had no intention of shading anyone. “There’s no shade towards anyone, this is a trend I’ve seen a bunch of girls doing, and I wanted to hop on,” she said.

The video has surpassed 3.3 million views, making her one of the most popular TikToks on her account.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have reached out to Kylie Jenner’s representatives for comment.

Kylie Jenner previously opened up about her lip insecurities

Kylie Jenner admits to getting "temporary lip fillers"
E! Entertainment YouTube

At this point in her successful career, it’s no secret that Kylie Jenner has had lip fillers. Her “unkissable lips” actually turned into a billion-dollar company through Kylie Cosmetics, she admitted.

Nonetheless, Kylie’s empire started with her biggest insecurity – her lips. The reality star told host Andy Cohen her small lips lacked her confidence when dating and kissing boys for the first time.

Rumors of her lip injections began at age 17 when she admitted during an episode of KUWTK to “have had temporary lip fillers”. Fast forward eight years later, and they are now her trademark.

Her lips also created the infamous ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ on social media, where users sucked out on shot glasses to achieve a similar look. Although, the trend was deemed dangerous and people were asked to avoid following it because it could cause bruising and broken blood vessels.

Jordyn and Kylie connected through mutual friends

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - September 10, 2016
Photo by James Devaney/GC Images

A decade ago, Jordyn and Kylie became friends thanks to Will Smith’s son, Jaden. Kylie and Jaden had known each other since middle school, while Jordyn had been friends with the Smith family for a long time.

Although Jaden didn’t actually set up their friendship, he and Kylie decided to invite her to come over. As time went by, Jordyn and Kylie became the best of friends.

From casual hangouts, their friendship became so close that they began spending vacations and family gatherings together. They were both the same age and shared many hobbies and interests.

Jordyn also supported Kylie in the launch of Kylie Cosmetics, which then turned out to be a huge success.

However, their friendship ended after the young model was caught kissing her sister Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend at the time, Tristan Thompson. Jordyn later broke her silence and explained her side on the Red Talk Table with Jade Pinkett Smith.


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