Julia Fox is no stranger to the cameras, but she’s more used to them than ever as the media zooms in on her and Kanye West’s relationship. But there is just one thing distracting fans from their romance.

Is it the return of low-rise jeans? Fashionistas out there will know that we saw the back of them after nobody wore them better than Britney in 2000. But when a major model like Julia is wearing them, chances are they may be back in style.

High-waisted trousers were the defining moment for the last few years, something many of the Gen-Z population will have worn and re-worn several times. However, almost in a state of defence, many refuse to change up their jean draw.

We looked through Julia’s recent low-rise pant looks, and discovered some fan reactions.

Kenzo : Photocall - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2022-2023
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images For Kenzo

Julia Fox’s low-rise pants

From denim to leather low-rise pants, Julia appears to have been wearing the 2000s trend for several days. But the look is not the norm for Kanye’s new beau, as she tends to wear dresses during fashion shoots.

Whether she is going fully naked for a pregnancy photoshoot, or posing with fake blood (we think) on her face, she is definitely not afraid to be different and bold when it comes to her appearance.

It is only since Julia began dating Kanye that those low-rise trousers have been sitting on her hips. The Paris Fashion Week picture [above] was taken in January 2022, perhaps marking 12 years since the trend came to fruition.

Media attention seems to be at an all-time high for Julia and Ye at the moment, so it’s no wonder that she wanted to make a statement. Those jeans take most back to their rooms while singing Britney’s ‘Toxic’ at the top of their lungs.

Fans react to model’s 2000s vibe

Looking through social media, there is a clear influx of Tweets which refer to Julia’s attempt to bring back low-rise jeans. While a few remark on the same bottoms she appears to have worn, others are not catching on to the trend.

One fan wrote: “Julia Fox is hot but can she please stop bringing back low rise jeans.” Another took to the platform and said: “I want someone to love me the way Julia Fox loves low rise jeans.”

Here are just a few other mixed reactions and stand-out posts from fans:

Kim Kardashian also wears low-rise jeans

Julia Fox isn’t the first to bring back the 2000s look, as Kim K has also been sporting low-rise jeans. It looks like she went one step further (or lower) by wearing hers way below the hip.

She posted a photo of herself wearing a black low-cut top with baggy dark, denim jeans. And for even more effect, she looped her thumbs into the jean pockets.

Kim K drew in thousands of reactions referring to her pants. One follower said: “Oh we all know this fit.” The look actually led to a viral tweet which stated that, because she is wearing low-rise pants, others will be doing the same.

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