Julia Haart has got candid in a recent radio interview about suffering tragic miscarriages whilst being in the Orthodox Jewish community that she was part of until breaking free at 42.

Netflix reality series My Unorthodox Life stars Julia Haart as we follow her story of how she fled her orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, New York.

Julia Haart appeared on Angela Yee’s Wealth Wednesday radio show on March 22, where she delved into some of her more personal and devastating experiences.

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Julia Haart opens up about tragic miscarriages

Julia Haart shared in the interview that she was actually pregnant ten times but she miscarried 6 times.

Haart currently has four children; daughters Batsheva, and Miriam, and sons Shlomo, and Aron. Her youngest son Aron is still Orthodox.

Whilst she acknowledges that miscarriages are usually very traumatic experiences. Julia revealed that for her, she felt “relief” as she didn’t want to have that many children.

Haart revealed: “I’d go to the hospital and I’d miscarry and you know usually miscarriage is a very painful, traumatic, and difficult thing; but for me, it was a relief. Because I didn’t want to have 10 children, I didn’t want to be pregnant every 5 minutes.”

Julia Haart has a large family but lost the support system

With 49 nieces and nephews, Julia Haart’s family is very big. Mainly because the Orthodox church has rather restrictive views on abortion and contraception.

Sadly, Julia who is the eldest of eight, revealed that her siblings and parents cut her out of their lives after she left the community.

Therefore she said it could be a possibility that more of her nieces and nephews have been born that she doesn’t know about.

Haart’s daughter gave her strength to leave

The Netflix star first began to question her religion when her daughter Miriam came along; who was a “born rebel.”

Miriam asked her father about playing football and he said that she couldn’t run: “Because a man might see you and have bad thoughts.”

Miriam, who was five at the time, responded: “Why is that my responsibility?” This was Julia’s epiphany moment when she realized it was “now or never.” Julia’s daughter saved her life, in this instance.

Julia had been married for 23 years but at 42 years old she left the community for good. Speaking of the day it happened, Julia revealed she acted like a “crazy person, throwing things.”

Whilst her husband Yosef was very “shocked.” She revealed that her children were supportive. Even though Batsheva, her eldest daughter, took it the hardest initially; the mother-daughter duo has since grown extremely close.

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