Julia Haart, star of the hit Netflix show My Unorthodox Life, will appear on Wealth Wednesdays podcast as hosts Angela Yee and Stacey Tisdale invite her on to discuss how much money she has and her financial well-being.

The mother of four turned her life around as she left her orthodox Jewish life in Monsey in New York State for a new one in Manhattan.

However, her life has once again been turned upside down as drama fires up between Julia Haart and her former husband Silvio Scaglia.

The duo is currently in the midst of a heated divorce battle. As people wonder if they had a prenup, many want to know more about Haart’s financial situation.

It appears she is ready to come clean about her financial status, let’s take a look at her money situation…

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What is Julia Haart’s net worth?

Julia Haart’s net worth is estimated to be $600 million.

Julia Haart’s luxury fashion, handbags, and helicopter rides to the Hamptons have led many to wonder about Julia’s finances. Truth be told, she is a hardworking woman. In 2013 she founded her own shoe company branded ‘Julia Haart’. She then landed a job as the creative director of La Perla, before meeting Scaglia.

After starting out as friends and colleagues, she and Scaglia got married on 22 June 2019. Not long after getting married, Scaglio appointed Haart CEO of his model management business Elite World Group.

The pair ran the company together as co-CEOs. It is thought that her CEO role pulled in almost $2 million a year. Meaning around $500,000 of her net worth came solely from Elite.

Julia Haart reveals all on Wealth Wednesdays

Whilst it’s currently unknown how her firing from Elite and the million-dollar lawsuit will affect her money situation. It is thought that Julia will reveal all in her appearance on the Wealth Wednesdays podcast.

Haart will likely share more about her new business ventures as she makes advances in the tech sphere. She recently announced she’s launching a startup called Haart Sphere.

On the Netflix show, her daughter Miriam said: “The technology we want to exist in Haart Sphere doesn’t exist anywhere.”

Julia Haart’s fight over money

Season 2 of My Unorthodox Life documented Haart and Scaglia’s divorce as they each fought for control of their money and businesses.

After Scaglia fired her, from her position as CEO of Elite, in February 2022, Julia Haart filed for divorce. Then, Silvio sued her for $850,000, which he says wasillegally taken” by Julia Haart after she was fired.

Haart filed her own lawsuit in Delaware in February 2022 seeking “damages following her firing, claiming evidence proved she owned 50% of the company.” A judge ruled in Silvio’s favor, stating Haart did not actually own 50 percent of their companies, which included Elite.

Although, on the positive side, Julia was given access to their $65 million New York penthouse.


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