Kailyn Lowry is spending her 30th birthday in Thailand and she’s brought along her nanny and best friend Natalie to enjoy the trip.

The Teen Mom star has been known to keep her circle small and her nanny and best friend Natalie may be familiar to some fans as she featured on a few episodes of the MTV show. The pair are now on holiday together celebrating Kailyn’s big milestone and looking at her Instagram, we couldn’t be more jealous.

But how did the duo meet? We take a closer look into Kailyn Lowry and Natalie and the story of how they became such close friends.

Kailyn calls Nanny Natalie ‘the best person in her life’

Kailyn Lowry shared a photo dump of her birthday holiday in Thailand with her 4.4 million Instagram followers, and one of the pictures featured nanny Natalie and Kail looking as happy as Larry posing on a boat.

Fans were loving the pic, as one commented: “The fact you and Natalie went together,” to which Kailyn replied: “one of the best people in my life.”

Kailyn has received ‘backlash’ from Reddit users in the past for having a ‘nanny’ but Natalie is one of Kailyn’s best friends. This holiday, she’s child-free, as it’s thought the children are being looked after by their fathers.

The Teen Mom star has previously revealed that she keeps her circle close on her Coffee and Convos podcast with Lindsie Chrisley.

Speaking on how she’s selective in who she puts time and effort into she said:

“I was struggling for a long time with separating friendships from acquaintances, like, everyone was my friend.

Whereas now, I don’t feel obligated to answer certain text messages, I don’t feel obligated to give certain people my new phone number.”

Kailyn was friends with Natalie’s son Keith first

In an unlikely turn of events, it seems that Kailyn actually knew Natalie’s son Keith before she knew her.

Taking to her Instagram story a few years back, Kailyn explained how she and her bestie Natalie met.

In an Instagram question and answer, one fan asked “How did you and Natalie become friends?”

Kail then replied with a picture of her and Natalie’s son Keith writing: “Keith is Natalie’s son. We went to college together and when he introduced me to her we clicked right away and now I’m closer to her than him. Still love him though.”

Keith was once thought to be Kailyn’s ‘mystery man’ as the pair were posting on Instagram together, however, she later revealed that Keith was ‘family’ and her bodyguard.

Elijah has not joined the trip

It seems like this one’s solely a trip for the girls as Kailyn’s boyfriend Elijah doesn’t seem to be on the trip either.

Recently, rumors had been circulating that Kailyn and Elijah had split, due to comments made on her podcast. However, amid the rumors, a representative for the Teen Mom star confirmed that the two were still together.

“This is false. Kail and Elijah are very much still together.”

Although, this hasn’t stopped fans from questioning why she hasn’t brought Elijah along on the trip. It seems that Kailyn just needed some girly time after looking after four boys!

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