Kailyn Lowry has taken to TikTok, with her partner Elijah, in a rare appearance, to chuckle about ‘rumors’ they’ve heard online, as ‘fifth baby’ and ‘mom of seven’ rumors circulate.

The former Teen Mom star has been facing ‘fifth baby’ rumors for months, and recently, fans drew a conclusion that she could be expecting twins as they ‘spotted’ a bracelet on her Instagram stories which they thought looked like it said ‘mom of seven.’

We take a look at the latest Kailyn Lowry rumors, and how she and partner Elijah have ‘responded’ to them.

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Kailyn Lowry faces ‘mom of seven’ rumors

After months of ‘fifth baby’ rumors, some fans think Kailyn Lowry is now ‘pregnant with twins’ as they thought they spotted a bracelet on one of her stories that said: “mom of seven.”

At the time of writing, Kailyn has four confirmed sons, Lincoln, Lux, Creed, and Isaac.

Although the story is no longer up due to it being over 24 hours, Instagram account @tm_chatter (Teen Mom chatter) posted screenshots of the story, and fans headed to the comments to discuss, and not everyone was on the same page.

“Or maybe just maybe…. She’s including her dogs as a mom of seven,” wrote one.

Others had their own theories: “Now I don’t doubt you but can I also throw out the theory that baby #5 is named Seven?”

“Who else noticed her Instagram no longer says boy mom x4?” penned another.

Some just weren’t here for the speculation: “I hated it so bad when people that didn’t like me announced my pregnancy before me smh I don’t care for her but my heart does go out to her.”

Kailyn and her partner Elijah ‘laugh’ about rumors

Although Kailyn and Elijah have never fully addressed any ‘extra children’ rumors, it seems as if they may have taken a subtle dig on Kail’s TikTok account.

In a rare appearance, Elijah joined the former MTV star in a TikTok video as they lipsync and laugh along to the sound: “You ever hear a rumor about yourself and wanted to hear more? Like D*** what did I do next?”

The former Teen Mom star captioned the post: “Haven’t heard a rumor about myself for a while. What a time.”

Fans were loving the rare appearance from Elijah, who Kailyn once referred to as her “hot neighbor.”

“We need more Elijah content!” exclaimed one follower.

Another wrote: “I love this for you! Elijah being a supportive King as usual.”


Haven’t heard a rumor about myself in a while. What a time 😂 #kailandthechaos #bloomnupartner @Bloom Nutrition #mom #momlife #boymom

♬ original sound – bentellect

The Teen Mom star addresses her ‘wildest’ rumor

We’ve all heard many rumors, however, one fan took to the comments to talk about how ‘wild’ Kail rumors are as they commented: “Because why are Kail rumors the most wild? Like SO wild?”

The MTV alum then took to the comments to reveal the wildest rumor she’s heard about herself as she commented:

“One time there was a rumor I bought my best friend her truck as bush money for sleeping with her husband. Never married and she bought it.”

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