Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry has taken to her TikTok to reveal which actor inspired her youngest son, Creed’s name.

Creed is Kailyn Lowry’s youngest child, which she has announced. There have been rumors circulating for a while that the Teen Mom star had given birth to another child with current partner Elijah Scott, however, she has not confirmed or denied these rumors.

We take a look into where the inspiration for his name came from.

Kailyn Lowry reveals where she got her son Creed’s name from

Taking to TikTok, Kailyn posted a video of her adorable son with the caption: “show your child & then where their name came from.”

The TikTok video then went on to show a variety of pictures from the film Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan.

Kailyn must be a huge fan of the actor, but then again, who isn’t?

Fans were expecting ‘Creed from The Office’

Of course, fans were loving the video of Creed, but many of them thought the reveal was going to be Creed from The Office. Replying to one fan’s comment on the matter the MTV star wrote: “lololol no.”

A bit different from Michael B. Jordan!

Others related to Kailyn and had also named their son after the iconic movie. One said: “My son is named after Creed too! But Adonis.” To which Kailyn replied: “love that”.

Kailyn Lowry reveals her son’s nicknames

So we know where the name Creed comes from, and earlier this week the Teen Mom star revealed his nicknames.

In an Instagram post, she and Creed were holding framed posters that read: “Creed & Romello & Romey & Mello & bigs & biggie.”

Creed’s full name is Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez, meaning that Romey and Mello are his nicknames. The nickname Biggie comes from the fact that he was big at birth.

That’s a lot of names to remember!

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