Twitter boss Elon Musk and rapper Kanye West have been going back and forth in an ongoing Twitter spat. However, the tech mogul jested that he takes Ye’s latest trolling as a “compliment.”

Kanye West got himself banned from Twitter for posting a Nazi symbol inside the Star of David last week. In what marks yet another antisemitic remark from the rapper’s month-long spree of spouting hate comments, as per Billboard.

In his most recent remarks, Kanye called Musk a “genetic hybrid.” Before suggesting that Musk is “half-Chinese” in a rambling Instagram post shared on Sunday, December 4.

However, the tech mogul is willing to take that “compliment” with a pinch of salt…

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Kanye West believes Elon Musk is ‘genetic hybrid’

In a recent Twitter outburst, Kanye not only took aim at Musk but even came for the former president, Barack Obama.

West wrote in a tweet on Thursday, December 1: “Am I the only one who thinks Elon could be half-Chinese? Have you ever seen his pics as a child? Take a Chinese genius and mate them with a South African super model and we have an Elon.”

Kanye added: “I say an Elon because they probably made 10 to 30 Elon’s and he’s the first genetic hybrid that stuck… Well, let’s not forget about Obama.” Referring to an outlandish conspiracy theory that Obama is a clone of an Egyptian pharaoh, reports The Independent.

Ye continued: “I’m sorry for using curse words in church but I don’t have another word for Obama yet.”

Elon Musk takes the ‘compliment’

Musk responded to a tweet from the social media account, The Bias, which reads: “KANYE WEST SAYS HE BELIEVES ELON MUSK IS A HALF-CHINESE ‘GENETIC HYBRID.’”

To which Musk responded: “I take that as a compliment!”

Ye then shared a screenshot of the tech billionaire’s response online, claiming his tweet had always been complimentary. Kanye stated: “It was meant as a compliment my friend Now Obama on the other hand…..”

Kanye posts topless photo of Elon Musk

Ye’s rant continued when he posted a photo of Elon topless on a yacht. Kanye concluded: “Let’s always remember this as my final tweet.”

Musk responded to the picture of himself writing: “that is fine.” He then replied to Ye’s swastika tweet: “this is not”

Kanye West was quickly suspended from the platform for violating Twitter’s policy against “inciting violence.” Musk proceeded to tell his followers: “I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.”

This marks the second time that Ye’s Twitter account has been suspended. He had originally been banned from his account in October for posting antisemitic comments before Twitter reinstated it in November.

In a separate tweet, Musk added that Ye’s suspension was nothing to do with the snap of him on a yacht. Instead, he quipped that he used the “unflattering pic of me being hosed by Ari,” as “helpful motivation to lose weight.”

Kim goes MIA on Instagram

Whilst Kanye has made a bullish return to Instagram, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian has decided to lay low.

In a recent Instagram post from the fashion mogul, Kim donned blackout shades and biker trousers. She captioned the photo dump simply: “MIA.” Which means, “missing in action.”

This seems to emphasize Kardashian’s disapproval of her ex-husband’s antisemitic comments. West, who shares four children with Kardashian, has received a lot of backlash following the remarks. Kim has even issued a statement condemning “hate speech” and begging for the “hateful rhetoric” to stop.


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