YouTuber Jake Paul has come up with an idea: for rapper Kanye West and the new beau to his baby mama Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, to have a boxing match. It comes after a series of online jabs made by Ye.

Will the drama ever end? Well, Jake has come up with a solution for Pete and Ye to air their issues. Several weeks text messages between Pete and Kanye were leaked all across social media, he has pledged for them to get in the ring.

Jake has reportedly offered a whopping $60 million – split down the middle – to witness the pair settle their differences. The YouTuber has expressed his opinions on their salty beef, but neither Ye nor Pete have agreed to anything yet.

So, regardless of whether the so-called boxing match goes ahead or not, we revisited their ongoing feud and gathered fan’s bets on just who they think could be the reigning champion of ‘Ye vs Pete‘.

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Ye and Pete’s ongoing feud

Since Pete Davidson began dating Kanye West, the rapper began making digs at her new beau online. This led to a series of what appeared to be text messages between Ye and Pete, when Kim K’s boyfriend offered to meet and talk.

Kanye nicknamed him “Skete” before releasing a diss track on his ex’s man. He draged the SNL comedian in the single, which was called “My Life Was Never Eazy” featuring The Game.

The rapper also shared “a message” from Davidson on IG, which has been deleted. It contained screenshots of their text messages, obtained by E! News.

The messages involved Kanye asking where Pete is right now, to which he responded: “In your wife’s bed.” Pete also encouraged Ye to go to rehab, after the rapper told Pete he was happy to see him out of there.

Jake Paul proposes boxing match

Jake has reportedly offered Ye and Pete a whopping $60 million for them to battle it out in a boxing ring. During an interview with TMZ Sports, he made the sudden offer after sharing his thoughts on their beef. He said:

Kanye, I got 30 million dollars for you. He’s a billionaire so that might not, you know, excite him, but what will excite him is him beating up Pete and I know Pete, you know he used to live in his mom’s basement, whatever. So 30 million dollars to him, I think, is a lot of money, plus pay-per-view upside.

The YouTuber, who is the founder of boxing promotion company Most Valuable Promotions, shared the proposal on his Twitter page on Monday March 14th. He encouraged the two celebrities to “settle this beef like men.”

Fans react to ‘Ye vs Pete’

Although Mixmag have reported that Ye vs Pete is really happening, remember: it’s April Fool’s Day. Several fans who have just heard the news via the publication are unsure if it’s true, and question whether it’s a prank.

However, Jake Paul really did propose the boxing match on March 14th, and it’s no joke. Despite this, there is no confirmation about any ring fight just yet. Fans everywhere are seriously pumped for the potential event, though.

One wrote: “Kanye is worth billions, he wouldn’t spit on this. Although it’s a good idea to settle it like men.”

Another said: “Ye out here boxing above his intellectual weight class. DL is equivalent of undefeated Heavyweight Champ. This one ain’t even going two rounds. And Pete already beat you.. .#quickwitisundefeated.”

Some encouraged Pete to agree to the boxing match, despite thinking Ye would win. A fan reacted: “Pete Davidson is not a fighter lmao. Guy would get eaten up. If I was Davidson though, I’d still fight Kanye for $30M.

I’d double check the contract for any clauses that might forfeit funds and would want proof of funds in a escrow account but I’d do it.”


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