Kanye West took to Instagram to cruelly claim his ex-wife’s former beau Pete, who it was revealed Kim has split from just a day ago, died in a Heartless prank. It’s not the first time Ye has made public references to Pete.

Pete and Kim’s months-long relationship is reportedly over, as revealed via sources on August 7. This is despite the former SNL comedian getting tattoos of what is thought to be Kim’s and her children’s initials on his chest – and Ye hasn’t stayed silent. Kim and Pete have not spoken about the break-up rumors.

Following the break-up announcement, Kanye couldn’t help himself and posted an Instagram photo that read: “Skete Davidson, dead at age 28.” In small print at the bottom, the fake newspaper page references Kid Cudi.

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Kanye posts cruel Instagram prank

Kanye has deleted all his previous Instagram uploads. It now features just one post, which is the cruel newspaper prank that falsely states ‘Skete Davidson’ is dead at the age of 28.

In small print at the bottom, the page reads: “Kid Cudi meant to play funeral but fearful of bottle throwers.” The post had garnered at least 1.4 million likes within just an hour of the photo being uploaded.

It isn’t the first post about ‘Skete’ Kanye has put on social media. He has been in a reported feud with his ex-wife’s former beau ever since they started dating, which has included texts being publicised between the pair.

The messages involved Kanye asking where Pete is right now, to which he responded: “In your wife’s bed”. Pete also encouraged Ye to “go to rehab” after the rapper told Pete he was happy to see him out of there.

Fans react to Ye’s photo

When Kanye posted the prank regarding Pete’s fake ‘death’, some claimed the rapper was “back” while others thought the musician had gone a step too far. Critics claimed the post wasn’t funny or described it as “childish.”

One commenter wrote: “YE IS BACK. I REPEAT YE IS BACK.”

Another penned: “Not cool Kanye. Thought you ‘found God’, nobody should wish someone dead.”

“Watch the energy you put into the universe man! Not cool man you better than this!” reacted another fan.

‘Skete Davidson’ meaning

Skete can refer to a ‘trashy’ white male and is linked to hillbillies being called ‘Skeeters’ back in the day. Aside from that, it is commonly used as a term to describe male ejaculation, but Kanye has never confirmed what he means by ‘Skete.’

Their feud has been going on for a while now, with each of them throwing digs at each other. On Valentine’s Day, Kanye took the beef further when he posted a picture of a man choking someone. The rapper captioned it:

Upon my wife’s request please nobody do anything physical to Skete, I’m going to handle the situation myself.

The post also showed texts between Kim and Kanye with Kim telling her ex-husband: “Someone will hurt Pete and it will all be your fault.”


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