The Kardashians first rose to fame in 2007 and now, Kris, Kim and the rest of the gang are back on Hulu in 2022. Over the years that the Kar-Jenners have starred in their own reality TV shows including KUWTK and all of its spin-offs, there have been many iconic moments. And, it looks like the family members are such icons that parody accounts have been created about them.

Many Kardashian parody accounts are run anonymously but some of the Kardashians’ mega fans have actually ended up meeting their heroes. So, let’s take a look at some of the parody accounts that’ll leave you in fits of giggles, from a fake North West Instagram page to Kendall Jenner’s ‘twin’.

kardashian parody accounts
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Kardashian parody accounts: Yuri Lamasbella

While many Kardashian parody accounts focus on photos of the Kardashians, photoshop and Instagram captions, one content creator named Yuri Lamasbella actually impersonates the Kardashian-Jenner family members on IG.

Yuri Lamasbella nails the different Kardashians’ voices and their looks in her parody videos.

She even recreated Kendall Jenner’s cucumber cutting moment on The Kardashians in 2022.

Kirby Jenner

In 2020, parody account Kirby Jenner went from posting photoshopped Instagram photos to actually having his own show on Quibi with the Kardashians.

Kirby was superimposed into scenes from KUWTK and he also sat in real confessionals with some of the Kardashians including Kim.

Speaking of his show, Kirby said: “Everyone in my family already has already had their own reality show so when this network asked if I wanted to do my own show, I was like ‘I don’t know I haven’t really thought about it’ but then my mom said yes.

Amateur model Kirby refers to all of the Kar-Jenners as his real-life family members and judging by the fact he got his own parody show, the Kar-Jenners must love him too.

Kirby is 26 years old and started his Instagram page in 2015. In 2022, Kirby Jenner’s account has 1.2M followers.

Nori’s Black Book

Another hilarious Kardashian parody account is an Instagram page called Nori’s Black Book. The account has 1.6M followers.

The IG posts are created through the eyes of Kim Kardashian‘s daughter, North.

Many of the captions poke fun at the Kar-Jenners. Nori’s Black Book posted on May 9th: “Happy Mother’s Day, Marilyn…I mean Mommy. I got you some new dresses so you can stop wearing that lady’s clothes.

The Kardashians’ family friend Jen Atkin was accused of being behind Nori’s Black Book, as was Stephanie Shepherd. However, neither of the ladies were behind the account, they said themselves that they weren’t funny enough to run the IG page.

The woman behind Nori’s Black Book was revealed as Natalie Franklin on KUWTK and she actually got to meet the Kardashians.

Benito Skinner impersonates the Kardashians

Another hilarious Kardashian parody account comes from Benito Skinner.

Benito, or Benny, not only reenacts scenes from KUWTK, but he also plays the roles of all of the show’s characters including Food God Jonathan Cheban and Larsa Pippen!

Find Benito’s comical parody videos on YouTube where he has 308K subscribers here.



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