Kendall Jenner keeps childhood pic on bathroom mirror for cutest reason

Kendall Jenner keeps childhood pic on bathroom mirror for cutest reason

Kendall Jenner is all about self-love and personal growth and the supermodel has been working hand in hand with her therapist for a while now in order to “heal her inner child.” During a recent interview with Jay Shetty, Kendall opened up a lot more about the work that she and her therapist do to highlight to her fans the importance of self-love. 

Kendall took to Instagram to make a post about her interview, and she showed us the picture of her younger self that she keeps in her bathroom and uses every day for her positive affirmations. 

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Wild Croc Territory | Official Trailer | Netflix
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Kendall keeps a picture of her younger self in her bathroom 

On the Instagram post, she promoted her interview with Jay Shetty and showed us the adorable picture of mini Kenny on the bathroom mirror. In the caption she said:

If you’ve watched my interview with @jayshetty then you know what this picture of my younger self pasted on my bathroom mirror is there for 🙂 self-love is so important, tap into your highest self! sending love.

During the interview, she went on to explain how a trend on TikTok encouraged her to start using the picture to help heal her inner child when she has any negative thoughts about herself. Kendall explained the trend by saying:

I guess that was like a girl being like, anytime you’re being mean to yourself, just think this is who you’re talking about and it flashes to like a photo of her as a kid. 

Kendall went on to explain how her therapist suggested that she do something similar, saying, ” So that every morning, every night, every day, when you walk into your bathroom mirror, you’re looking at her and you’re remembering that if there’s anything negative that you’re ever saying about yourself if you were being mean to yourself, you’re talking about her.”

Fans were touched by Kendall’s interview

With Kendall speaking so candidly about mental health, many fans were in support of her interview and praised her for it on Twitter. One person said:

I enjoyed this conversation so much. You two are just beautiful souls, so much chemistry. Thank you Kendall For being so open about your struggles. 

Another said, “This! This is what the Kardashians should be talking about, it’s so nice to hear her being so down to earth and relatable for once.”

Multiple people shared that they prefer the sisters when they are being “open”, “honest” and “real.”

Kendall has her own “wellness room”

We got to see the star’s state-of-the-art wellbeing room on The Kardashians and it’s safe to see we were slightly obsessed. “I have this whole new room in my house that has all these crazy gadgets and gizmos,” she says.

The model showed off the dedicated room in her ultra sleek home and we could see her climb into her own personal hyperbaric chamber – the Vitaeris 320, retailing at around $23,000 (£19,000) – which is a wellbeing treatment beloved by athletes.

It doesn’t stop there. According to Vogue, the self-professed hypochondriac also has her very own red light therapy bed, which costs around $78,000 (£64,000), and is said to reduce inflammation, improve cellular health and circulation, and help the body heal.


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