Bling Empire’s Kane Lim and Kevin Kreider have left fans of the show concerned about the future of their friendship following their huge blowout in season 2. 

However, they recently revealed where they stand with each other now and also opened up about just how much the fight affected their friendship – so much so they didn’t speak for months!

The Day The Music Died: American Pie | Official Trailer | Paramount+

The Day The Music Died: American Pie | Official Trailer | Paramount+
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Tension between Kane and Kevin

Throughout the season we saw the storyline focus a lot on Kevin and Kim Lee’s relationship as they explored a potential romantic connection.

Things hit a bump in the road, though, after Kane told Kim Lee that Kevin had hooked up with someone else just before the trip. As you can imagine, this didn’t go down well with Kevin and things got very heated.

The pair supposedly made up in episode 6 but audiences could still see the obvious tension between them. It got to the point where Kane was even suggesting Chinese zodiac signs were the reason they couldn’t be friends.

Where do the pair stand now?

The pair revealed whether they’re still friends in an interview with Still Watching Netflix, which they did after Bling Empire was filmed. During the interview Kane said:

We had a little fight. I wouldn’t say little but it was epic. You know you have to understand shooting a show, we are putting our emotions out there. So our friendships do get affected.

Kane Lim

Revealing what happened after the bust-up, Kane said: “We didn’t speak with each other for like two months.” Kane added: “Yeah, at least.”

Thankfully, Kane went on to say:

But the thing is, I look back at it, it’s like such a good thing because we actually grew so much from it. Also, everyone gets to see our personal problems and, basically, it’s therapy on steroids on the show.

Kane Lim

When is Bling Empire season 3 out?

Bling Empire Season 3 hasn’t been officially confirmed by Netflix yet, but star Dorothy Wang told Page Six the third season has already been filmed.

She teased season 3 would premiere “probably at the end of the summer.” However, no official release date has been announced yet. Even so, after the cliffhanger season 2 ended on – we can’t wait for the next!



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