Khloé Kardashian had a special bond with her dad, Rob Kardashian Snr, much like her siblings. After his connection to the OJ Simpson trial was pushed into the limelight in a 2016 docuseries, she gave her honest opinion on how the show portrayed the case. This included Khloé feeling they “sensationalized the Kardashian name in it”.

Rob Kardashian Snr was a close friend of OJ Simpson. They met during college years, and the dad-of-four was asked to be a part of his legal team in the 1995 trial. The late attorney had teamed up with the football player after he had been accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Rob Goldman.

On June 12, 1994, Nicole was found dead outside her home in Los Angeles. Labeled “the trial of the century”, after nine months, OJ Simpson was acquitted of both counts of murder.

The entire story was revived through the first season of the FX television series, American Crime Story. However, as David Schwimmer played the role of Rob Kardashian Snr, the lives of his young children were also in the 2016 show.

The Kardashians later gave their opinions on the documentary.

Khloé was “grateful” for Rob Kardashian Snr’s representation

American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson follows the athlete and his legal team in what was described as the trial of the century.

During a previous appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Khloé was asked about her thoughts on the miniseries. She was quizzed about how “accurate” the scenes are to what actually happened at the time.

Even though the star didn’t see the series “fully” at the time, she expressed her gratitude to OJ Simpson for how her late father was portrayed in it.

Khloé said: “They’ve done a great job. I really appreciate the way they’ve portrayed my father. I’m very grateful for that.”

Kim Kardashian was not happy about some scenes

Although the story mainly featured Rob Kardashian, his children were also mentioned and appeared in some of the scenes in the first few episodes.

Since Kim was the first Kardashian sister to binge-watch the season, she shared her thoughts and comments on how it actually happened in real life.

Her feedback on the show was mainly positive. Nonetheless, she didn’t “love” how she and her siblings Kourtney, Khloé, and Rob were portrayed. She also noted that the “most talked about scene” on the show was not accurate.

“[The show] said [OJ] tried to kill himself in my bedroom, and it was Khloé’s bedroom, not my bedroom.”

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A trial that ‘tore the family apart’

O.J. Simpson (C) confers with attorneys Johnnie Co
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Before the OJ Simpson situation unfolded, he and Nicole were close friends with the Kardashians. Rob’s children grew up calling him ‘Uncle OJ’ as he was also named to be Kim’s godfather.

Kris Jenner had a close relationship with Simpson’s wife, Nicole. Following the devastating loss of her closest friend, she decided to honor her by naming her next child, Kendall Nicole.

Explaining her experience, Kim said the situation “tore my family apart.” The reality star explained both she and Kourtney didn’t know whose side to take. Both parents were divorced and had different opinions.

Not wanting to hurt their parent’s feelings, she said that “having your dad take one side and your mom take the complete opposite side” was difficult for them.



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