Khloé Kardashian loves a workout – that’s no secret, as she often shares gym photos and clips on social media. However, fans have begged her to be more ‘real’ after seeing her recent snapshot after breaking a sweat.

The reality TV star posed on a Hydrow High rowing machine believed to be at a private gym on the Kardashian premises.

On Saturday, November 26, she shared the photos on Instagram where she wore a tight black ensemble for the gym session, along with long nails and a full face of glam makeup.

Hair pulled into a sleek bun and bling earrings, followers wanted a more realistic scenario after seeing Khloé Kardashian’s workout.

Khloé Kardashian faces backlash after workout photo

In the sponsored post, The Kardashians star spoke about being a mother and loving workouts after “intense holidays” with her giant family.

She posed up a storm on the Hydrow High rowing machine, which retails from around $1,500. There is another machine which will set you back almost $2000.

However, some followers weren’t happy.

One wrote: “Glammed up while pretending to be working out! ENOUGH BE REAL, PLEASE.”

A second claimed: “My thoughts exactly… never real anymore…”

And a third joked: “Khloé we are poor,” over the hefty price tag of the workout machine.

But some followers weren’t too fussed about the glam photo or expensive session.

One fan jumped to her defense: “You do realize she prob has to do other things that day, not just working out, so maybe that’s why she’s glammed? People find anything to be mean over.”

And a second questioned the backlash: “So girls can’t wear makeup and work out now.”

Whereas a third decided to point out the context again: “It’s an advert, man hahaha. She definitely bosses the gym usually anyway.”

Koko believes public backlash won’t ever stop

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The Kardashians, courtesy of Hulu/Disney+

It comes after, earlier this year, Koko told sister Kim Kardashian their family wouldn’t stop falling under scrutiny until ‘they end’.

She gave the small dash of reality to the SKKN founder after the 41-year-old faced backlash for her Variety interview, where she urged people to “get up and work”.

Fans slammed the podcast star for her advice to women in business. She said: “Get your f*****g a** up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

The mom-of-four later felt “blindsided” by the backlash, but 38-year-old Khloé told her she would have been “crucified” no matter what she said.

Khloé later admitted in The Kardashians season two she felt the family facing constant scrutiny is never-ending.



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