For several years, Khloé Kardashian has been the victim of cruel comments of people critiquing her body. Khloé’s fans are now begging the haters to stop body-shaming the star after her weight loss over the years.

Throughout her time as a reality TV star, Khloé’s fans have seen her go through physical transformations. However, it led to some fans appearing to worry about how she looks.

The 38-year-old confessed to feeling like the “ugly” sister, writes The sun. She previously compared herself to her older sisters or supermodel sibling Kendall Jenner.

The Kardashian-Jenner family has also received criticism in the past, accusing them of having surgery to achieve their curvy bodies. Despite shutting down the rumors, Khloé is still at the center of criticism, and fans are now begging the haters to stop.

Khloé Kardashian’s revenge body

Battling her own insecurities, Khloé’s Revenge Body workout series focused on a post-breakup transformation inside and out. The ultimate goal was to regain confidence and to help people love themselves.

During the course of the series, the Good American founder spoke candidly about her struggles. She previously labelled herself as the “chubby” of the family and often comparing her body with her famous sisters.

“I was so insecure,” Khloé shared. “And my sisters have had the most beautiful skin their entire lives, like, not even a pore. I was like, ‘How the f*** am I the chubby one? The this one, the that one, it’s not fair!’ But, that stuff’s all fixable.”

Going out with her sisters in public, Khloé confessed to having felt like a “hippopotamus and a whale had a baby”. Overcoming her toxic relationships, the star underwent a full body transformation and gained her revenge body.

Fans rush to defend the star over body-shaming comments

Kardashians fans have had enough.

Seeing the star singled out for their figure, many took to their social media platforms to call out the haters and defend her from the criticism over the past few weeks.

Underneath her social media posts, fans have complimented the star, bumping the positive comments to the top. Nonetheless, that has not stopped the haters from criticizing her.

Another fan tweeted: “Dude the internet bashed Khloé Kardashian for YEARS over her weight but now that she’s gotten skinny she “did too much” or “she’s too skinny now” like… Respectfully f*** off.”

Then one fan wrote to Khloé: “People have called @khloekardashian the big sister for years, and now they’re saying she’s too skinny like just stfu and leave her alone man. Weight is not news and nobody else’s concern.”

Changes in Khloé’s figure and weight loss journey

In recent months, fans have expressed concern after Khloé seemed to have lost weight.

Her physical changes began last December after her sister Kim found out about reports of a paternity lawsuit between Khloé’s former partner Tristan Thompson and another woman.

The couple later split up, with Tristan publicly apologizing to the mom-of-two.

In episodes of The Kardashians, her sisters also showed concern about their sister’s health, writes Cosmopolitan. Kendall and Kylie told Kim of their concerns over Khloé, but she reassured them it was just stress.

“You look very skinny,” Kim said in an episode from the first season.

“I will say that Kendall and Kylie, not that I’m trying to out them, but they did text me and say that they were a little concerned for you because you’re really skinny.”

Kim continued: “I said, ‘I think she’s a bit stressed’,” before telling their siblings: “I said, ‘You absolutely have every right to be concerned, but I’m telling you she’s fine’.”



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